Entry level vs Semi-Pro Canon DSLRs

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Мо Мавалски says:

This clip is sooo much better on 2x speed 🙂

Tiffany K says:

bro cut your nails

MyFavouriteBench says:

Not your best….. More trivia than good information

Mark Anthony Arellano says:

very informative

laszu says:

Not all 2 digit cameras have spring loaded card door.

TimmyShor says:

are you a guitar player?

islam 4 all says:

sir i want to know is 1300d is dslr or slr plz reply

Roger Underhill says:

Useful info. I would have also liked spec stand out differences too. Not everything but the things that matter. Thx.

Gábor Dancs says:

Hi! What I would like to know is that does a Rebel series DSLR make noisier images as ISO is cranked higher and higher compared to a semi pro DSLR?

Lim WC says:

How old are u n is this ur job

Peter Gist says:

I also found this very detailed tech-spec comparison of Canon DSLRs:
It's worth checking out if you are comparing models.

Tech Generator says:

which camera is best for photography and videography both under 40,000 Indian rupees or 450$ us dollar

Tech Generator says:

awesome bro

GilmerFilms says:

How much bokeh can fit in 1 video?

Goldxn says:

what would u recommended if I'm mainly going to be filming action sports vids and a few photos

Joshua Chew says:

a6000 or d5300?

RT Jake says:

sorry for the question but the t6s has a top LCD screen and a second dial but , it is not a semi pro DSLR or is it ??

LeonNixon_ says:

Nice idea for a video, and thanks for the effort, but it is too slow paced. It would be better if you could cut down the time somehow e.g. by avoiding repeating yourself/stating the obvious

Kenneth Ong says:

which camera would u recommend 750d or the sony a6000?

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