Electronic camera Stabilizer Varizoom Flowpod

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The VariZoom FlowPod has significant advantages most importantly various other handheld stabilizers and that is why a lot more individuals are choosing the FlowPod. The FlowPod is the single portable stabilizer to supplies 3 tools in one: Monopod method, Stabilizer Mode and Low Method.

The FlowPod and DSLRs – The FlowPod deals with DSLR Still Cameras and the new DSLR Photography/Video Mix Cameras like the Canon Mark II.
The monopod method has a popular advantage over competing products since numerous stabilizers never ever obtain made use of as a result of the hassle and lost time in trying to set up and move from monopod to hand-held stabilizer and back. Video clip has actually been accepted youtube for FlowPod Users. The FlowPod is a VariZoom patented gadget. This need to not be perplexed with a STEADICAM Item. The FlowPod is just readily available from VariZoom or VariZoom Dealers.

With the FlowPod’s built-in, trademarked monopod device, the driver could quickly break down the monopod, go back to stabilizer mode, and currently be pre-balanced and all set to switch back and forth in secs.

Nothing else portable supplies the same low method capabilities where the operator could micro-adjust the electronic camera from the floor to waist level in secs.

We has had FlowPod proprietors express disappointment that had not acquired the FlowPod initially.
The one-of-a-kind balancing device is a simple but important item that saves a lot of time by allowing you to rapidly and properly stabilize your video camera in one try.

A fantastically functional DV cam stabilizer, the FlowPod can be made use of as a fluid handheld stabilizer, rock-solid monopod, or moving low-mode item. The FlowPod is made use of and advised by filmmakers, wedding event and activity videographers worldwide

VariZoom presents most up-to-date 3-in-1 DSLR cam stabilizer designed for video clip and still capture. VariZoom’s copyrighted FlowPod device enables shootings complete perks of monopod, low-mode place, and stabilizer for video clip series. Properly stabilize the cam one time for stabilizer mode, then fire on monopod all day with the ability to promptly change backward and forward without included configuration. In stabilizer method, capture smooth, flowing-motion video series and quickly switch over to monopod mode utilized for still tries. Suitable for wedding and event videographers wishing to acquire monopod stills and flowing-motion video clip on one support.

The copyrighted FlowPod system permits shooters comprehensive benefits of monopod, low-mode place, and stabilizer for video clip sequences. Accurately balance your camera once for stabilizer mode, after that fire on monopod all day with the capability to immediately transform back and forth without added configuration. In stabilizer mode, capture smooth, flowing-motion video clip series and promptly switch over to monopod method for still tries. Ideal meant for wedding and activity videographers intending to obtain monopod stills and flowing-motion video on lone help.

The FlowPod stabilizer device, is Varizoom newest addition to the line of support equipment for mini-DV videographers. This uniquely styled tool is the generally functional piece of help equipment on the marketplace. Made to work seamlessly with or without a VariZoom control, the FlowPod combines the popular StealthPod monopod with this patent pending supporting device.

The one-of-a-kind multi-purpose deal with functions a telescoping pin that could either be secured inline for usage as a monopod or opened to enable uninhibited suspended activity shots. The slim layout permits simplicity of use in the tightest of firing situations.

Excellent quality light weight aluminum construction.
Locking/Unlocking rotating foam handle grip, for use as a monopod or as a supporting system.
make use of it with or without Varizoom’s zoom and concentration operators.
Optional Low Circulation set, allows for low-to-the-ground video clip chance, especially on moving things.
Suitable for video cameras with a payload of up to 8 lbs.

Certainly get hold of the FlowPod stabilizer, position your electronic camera and start taping. The FlowPod will certainly supply you smooth video footage, while walking, running or even fluctuating stairs without any kind of camera weakness or shake.



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