Electronic camera Stabilizer Varizoom Flowpod

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the particular VariZoom FlowPod has significant advantages over ALL other portable stabilizers and that is the reason why a lot more people are choosing the FlowPod. The FlowPod is the particular single handheld stabilizer in order to provides 3 tools within one: Monopod mode, Backing Mode plus Low Setting.

The FlowPod and Digital slrs – the particular FlowPod works with DSLR nonetheless Cameras and the brand new digital slr Photography/Video Mixture Cameras such as the particular Canon Mark II.
the particular particular monopod mode offers a significant advantage more than competing items since numerous stabilizers never obtain utilized due to the hassle plus lost time within trying to setup plus move from monopod in order to hand-held stabilizer plus back again. Video has been published to youtube for FlowPod Users. The FlowPod is usually really a VariZoom trademarked product. this particular should not be confused along with a STEADICAM Product. The particular FlowPod is merely available through VariZoom or even VariZoom Dealers.

With the FlowPod’s built-in, patented monopod system, the operator can rapidly fall the monopod, come back to backing mode, plus already become pre-balanced plus ready to switch backwards and forwards in seconds.

No some other portable offers the exact same low setting capabilities exactly where the operator may micro-adjust the camera from your ground to waist degree within seconds.

We have experienced FlowPod owners express repent that had not bought the particular FlowPod within the beginning.
The distinctive managing system is the straightforward but important device that saves lots of time simply by allowing you to rapidly plus accurately balance your own digital camera in 1 attempt.

A fantastically flexible DV camera backing, the particular FlowPod can be utilized as being a fluid handheld backing, solid monopod, or sliding low-mode tool. The FlowPod can be used and recommended simply by {filmmakers, wedding and occasion videographers worldwide| filmmakers, occasion videographers worldwide and wedding| wedding, filmmakers and occasion videographers worldwide| wedding, occasion videographers worldwide and filmmakers| occasion videographers worldwide, wedding and filmmakers| occasion videographers worldwide, filmmakers and wedding}

VariZoom presents newest 3-in-1 DSLR digital camera backing designed for video clip and still catch. VariZoom’s patented FlowPod program enables shooters complete advantages associated with monopod, low-mode mount, in addition stabilizer for video sequences. Correctly balance the electronic camera one time just for stabilizer setting, then capture on monopod all time with the capability in order to immediately convert back plus forth without additional set up. In stabilizer setting, catch smooth, flowing-motion video clip sequences and quickly in purchase to monopod mode utilized for nevertheless shots. Perfect for wedding plus occasion videographers wanting to get monopod stills and flowing-motion video on one assistance.

Patented FlowPod system enables photographers complete benefits associated with monopod, low-mode mount, plus stabilizer just for video sequences. Accurately stability your digital camera one time just for backing mode, then capture upon monopod all day getting the ability to immediately convert back and on without additional setup. Within backing mode, capture steady, flowing-motion video sequences plus rapidly switch to monopod mode just for still pictures. Ideal meant for wedding plus event videographers wanting in order to acquire monopod photos plus flowing-motion video upon single support.

The FlowPod backing system, is Varizoom most recent addition to the series associated with support equipment for mini-DV videographers. This particular uniquely designed device is certainly the generally flexible item of support gear available. Designed to work effortlessly without or with the VariZoom control, the specific FlowPod merges the well-known StealthPod monopod with this particular patent impending stabilizing program.

The unique multi-purpose manage features a telescoping pin number number that can possibly be secured inline to get use as a monopod or unlocked to permit without restraint suspended activity shots. the particular thin design allows for simpleness of use in the particular tightest of capturing circumstances.

High quality aluminum structure.
Locking/Unlocking pivoting foam manage grip, for use because a monopod or because a stabilizing program.
create use of it along with or without Varizoom’s focus and focus controllers.
Optionally available Low Flow package, enables for low-to-the-ground video chance, especially on moving issues.
Ideal for camcorders along with a payload of upward to 8 lbs.

definitely grab the FlowPod support, mount your camera plus begin recording. The FlowPod offer smooth footage, whilst strolling, running or actually going up plus straight down stairs without any electronic camera instability or move.



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