DXO One Review – $150 Compact DSLR?

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The DXO One is only $120 (now even cheaper than in my review) on Amazon, and yet the 20.2 MP, 1 inch sensor, can give DSLR quality photos. Is it too good to be true? Find out now!

I forgot to talk about how the super raw works. Basically the camera takes 4 pictures in the mode, and the processing combines all 4 pictures into one with the DXO mark software. This is what takes the DXO One from a $700 compact camera to DSLR quality. The super raw mode takes these pictures for this processing, and each time you take a picture, there is a small amount of lag, but not too bad. It’s mainly for low light conditions.

Another thing I didn’t touch on enough is the video settings. You can change the shutter speed to get better lighting in sub-par conditions, and you can also change the aperture to vary how much focus you want which is really cool, which makes the video much better. In my original review, I didn’t play around with the settings enough since the auto mode sucks compared to the iPhone, but with the manual controls, and a bit of know-how with how the settings work, the video can be quite good with very good depth of field and quality.

Buy DXO One camera: https://amzn.to/2PLcnyu

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William Su says:

I prefer when sony did their Q series external cameras for phones.

Thanh Quang Phùng says:

Sorry, English is not native language, so I can't heard you spoke in well. Is this newest version 2016? And could you please let me know what's different betweens 2015 and 2016? Thanks.

Desolo Zantas says:

They should have kept this camera line going, it would have been awesome if they end making a 35mm 1.2 like a CCTV lens or the ability to increase bokeh like iPhone XS

Kicks And Tech says:

Great Video Man! def buying one based on this!

Thomas Knipe says:

Great review, just purchased one. Thank You

Brendon Taylor says:

Great informative video. Can you tell me if it is compatible with ios12?

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