DSLR Vs Smartphone Vs Point and Shoot

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Namaskaar Dosto, is Video mein maine DSLR, Mobile camera aur Point and Shoot camera ke baare mein bataya hai. DSLR Camera Point and Shoot Camera, aur Smartphone Camera mein kya main differences hai yah humne aaj is video mein discuss kiye hai.

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bhagelu prajapati says:

sir ap bahut mast haste ho

trideb Bhattacharya says:

Digital camera always better performance than phone camera 😑

Orange Nebula says:

Bro, wrong comparison. 1st gather complete information then make video. Point and shoot camera is much much better than phone even now. Point and shoot camera have larger sensor and lense. Better in lowlights and have optical zoom that have real zoom. You killed digital cameras lol

r.maditya sashank says:

Camera vs mobile specs

1.HDR Processing 32 bit or 16 bit
2. RAW ….Video or photo color Depth 8bit or 10 bit 12 bit 14 or 16 bit

3.pixel size 1 um or (bigger pixel size more accurate light ….it does not mean small pixel dont capture light IT DEPENDS UPON "OPTICAL USED "also)
4.Auto focusing technology (dual pixel or IR …or bionic sofware )

5.Aperture (size of capturing……wide lens or narrow lens )
6.LENS is the biggest part of any CAMERA OR MOBILE (Efficiency of lens …matters in IMAGE QUALITY ….else image lost …during transportation through lens )
7. CMOS to RAM Connection( series or parallel ….parallel gives high frames per secon ….so parallell is prefered …latest sony CMOS sensors )
8.IMAGE PROCESSOR (HDR image processors gives better images ….so many image processors …day to date updating …)
9.4K or 8K …processing and ….size or CPU used in cameras ….(small size CPU uses LESS POWER so …POWER EFFICIENT)
10. MY SUGGESTION……DSLR ( DSLR prefered to Profetionals because the need PURE Pictures )
POINT & SHOOT (FOR Domestic public. RAW 12bit,1 inch below,high frame rate,High optical zoom min 60x,Good auto focusing&Aperture ,HDR& Wi-Fi,mic port ,Good Battery backup) …….MOBILE Camera (buyers can buy 10Bit camera mobiles …)
11. ….Human Eye can See upto 2.2 Billion colour fades only ….thats equal to ***10Bit*** so Above 12 bit Camera ..dont give more Quality… Than what we bear (Upto today 8bit is DEFAULT in any PC/mobile or any where)

IN ABOVE SPECS ….(point & shoot wins my heart …)

Some say MIRRORLESS — Only FISH EYE LENS …benifits ..there …in all remaining ….just point & shoot wins a lot

Shubham goswami says:

Guruji kya the ,
Or ab kya hai..
Who watching in 2019

dheeraj yadav says:


Eco Tuber says:

Watching 2019 , 23 feb

Aditya Malviya says:

Mobile camera me wo baat nahi. For exp, sumsung m20 has 1/3 sensor with 13+5 mp but Sony w830 has 1/2 sensor with 20.1 mp + 8 optical zoom. Which make good pictures. Mobile camera is like fake advertisements.

Neha mehto says:

Plz mujhe 15000 ke budget mein koi acha phon btao youtube video bnane ke lye cooking channel ha mera

Rs Dodiya says:

Aap konsa mobile use karte he sir

Yogesh Dawane says:

Any one watching 2k19

Aakash 8bp YT says:

Anybody watching in 2k19


Sir Sony k hx 400 v camera pr eak video bmaiye

Khan Salman says:

Bro prank video ka lia kon sa cemera acha ho ga

Madhu Kaman says:

Sir mujhe ek DSLR chaiye plz do na

Charolette Martin says:

I am thinking of buying this point and shoot camera iliketogo.shop/s/1gi/ the ratings and reviews are great


Anybody in 2019 ??

Vijay kumar says:

Achhi company and mobile prices 25000 tak and achhi photo wali mobail bataao sir

Aditya says:

Ooo Slow mo Guy background music

MAD Gamer says:

Im watching this in 2019….😄

jayanta das says:

Anybody here 2019 😍

YāSh sÀhÄrÁñ says:

anyone watching in 2k19

MR. Roy says:

Anybody here in 2k19

Sourav Besra says:

The best camera is the one you already have!

Binit Bhardwaj says:

very nice…like thih video

Navdeet Lal says:

Very informative. God bless you bro.

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