DSLR vs Compact vs Mirrorless – An Introduction to Cameras, Part 1

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Thinking of buying your first camera or upgrading from your current model? Matt from Wex Photographic looks at the differences between DSLR, compact and compact system cameras (CSCs), exploring the benefits and pitfalls of each.

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NETVO TV says:

Fuji X100F vs Leica Q or RX100 V?


prosumer or mirrorless ? help me

wendy rafaela says:


Alistair Herrett 2 says:

your breathing in before talking is very distracting

GoldenEye Supply says:


! SWAGGOT ! says:

Hey can I get a used DSLR body for 100$? I prefer these:600D/650D/700D/60D

Wex Photo Video says:

New to photography? Thinking of buying your first camera? With so many systems available, knowing where to start can be a headache.

In the first of our new tutorial series, Matt explores the benefits and pitfalls of DSLRs, compacts and CSCs.

Do you have your own tips for beginners? Share them below.

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