DSLR vs Camcorder (4K vs 1080p) Comparison

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Is 4K worth it? Are DSLRs better than Camcorders for video? I put the Panasonic VX870 Camcorder to the test against the Canon 70D DSLR in a video quality shoot-out.

As a Youtuber/Film maker – I always try to create the best looking, highest-quality videos. As such, I’m trying to find out if it’s worth upgrading my equipment to be 4K-ready.

Let me know what you think in the comments – Should YouTube content creators be producing 4K Video? Do you prefer the Camcorder or the DSLR footage? Is 1080p60 better than 4k30?

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Canon 70D
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Panasonic VX870
UK ► http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00S9BDA5Y/?tag=techchap-21
US ► http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RBG5TRA/?tag=techchap-20

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MVVblog says:

The canon has more contrast but it is very blurry even in 1080P. If you made some adjustment to the Panasonic, in semi auto mode, the Canon 70D will lose miserably now and ever, even if you shoot a video with an old Samsung Note 4 in 4K, the Canon is a loser! I have the Note 3, 4 and so on, i have the 70D and the 550D, the Panasonic, and some other cameras… leave the DSLR alone!

Adam Thomas Music says:

I far preferred the Panasonic.

Jimi Cactus says:

The Canon clearly has better picture quality in the low light test that you're doing!

SweetLowFat Jesus says:

My d750 keeps corrupting some of my files so I was thinking about going back to a camcorder, this swayed me to just backup my files sooner on the d750. Even at 1080p the image quality is much better than the camcorders 4k :/.

Francisco Shibata says:

Camcorder win

Ludwig Schreier says:

Clearly the Panasonic does a better job. I think you need to say something about your optics if you didn't (tl;tr). 5:25 for example vs 5:32, the Panasonic, to me, is much sharper over the whole frame.

Vladimir Vega says:

DSLR seems to put out too much blue hue, whereas the camcoder has more even colors. Both on 1080p would have been a fairer comparison, but not sure that would change the blue saturation.

jeff Jeffersons says:

THe panasonic seems to have a more real colour like looking through your eyes while the dslr always has a bluish tint to it I like a video cam that is an extension of my eyes not too interested in unreal sharp images like looking through a magnifying glass Cam corder better for videos and easy to get going on the spot

Michael says:

I'd say it's hard to tell to be honest. Defo more detail on the Panasonic being 4k but for one should have shot with similar focal lengths if possible or at least try to get framing similar. You appear further away in the canon as it's a wider FOV so would have been better if u moved the canon closer so you filled the frame a bit more like in the Panasonic. Secondly would be good to colour match the footage. The canon has way more contrast than the Panasonic so should have reduced the contrast in the canon picture profile and also turned off all in camera sharpening in both cameras.

MarkGFL says:

I can see why some people are saying the Canon gave a clearer picture but I thought the Panasonic looked a little more natural (or how my eyes see the world). Both were good. I think there may have been a difference in the settings in regards to white balance or contrast between the two. Thanks for the vieo.

Bengkel Unggas says:

VX870 like a Cinematography effect and 70D is like a over contrast

Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! says:

Canon's imagines are too muddy and not as detail as the Panasonic. But the Canon has better color science tho.

V. Z. says:

I have an LG HD 1080p (1920×1080) pc monitor and 5.1 surround sound. It sounded like you were giving more accolades to the Panasonic, but I hear and see a better picture with your Canon.

LW says:

i like 1080p at 50fps
i have the Panasonic 385 camcorder by the way…i was tempted to buy a Nikon DSLR for video but the Camcorder is fine for me

lion Roar says:

Panasonic more cinematic

Agent Bertram says:

The Canon 1080p looked far better than the 4k which lacked contrast and strobed in electric light.  I'll stick with 1080 for now.

Ray Cooper says:

I liked the dslr although the colour temp on the phone was a bit cool. But with dslr's you can adjust that.

Ian Mahon says:

hi do you know if the panasonic has a clean hdmi output?? looking to use it for live streaming? thanks

Yoyo Gresik says:

How'about panasonic bridge camera type Fz2500. They say it focus on video quality. How about video stabilizer when use handheld waking? Need a help

E. Brouwers says:

Is this a great video? What makes you think that you really have 2 different camera's? You never showed them in your hand. All your shots are from the same direction and your moves are exactly the same. You shot with 1 camera and by using software filters you make people think that you are comparing 2 camera's. Sad


And here i'm watching it with having a t2i next to me which doesn't even care about focusing on you as long as you don't make it to do so. I want that camcorder so bad 🙁 and one more thing to consider …

THIS IS YOUTUBE, PPL WATCH THESE VIDEOS ON TOILET 💩 so having everything auto might be better if you don't have a cameraman 🙂 But yeah if you have cameraman go for dslr, image quality and colors would be a lot better

Rio MM says:

Thanks for this video, good job

Daniel K says:

panasonic alot better.. and im in shock that people think canon is better

Meezey Montana says:

whats the best video camera for under $200

Sergejs Čakāns says:

Dslr is better for some art work. It keeps more precise information about lights and shadows on the object you shot, so you can color grade the image and get more interesting result. And of course, you can do more interesting things with your dslr lenses. Camcoder has the soft image, less lights and shadows, but its also do the great job if all that you want is to save your time and get the good result. It's not about better device, image or something like that. It's always about better solution for your needs. They both are good devices for video recording.

Arash Fayyaz says:

canon look better !

KutWrite says:

Well, you talked me out of using a camcorder for stills and video.

Even though your 70d has an APS-C sensor, it's way better than the camcorder.

Thanks for saving me a lot of trouble!

Michael says:

I think the color presets are going to make people like the Canon more, but it seems that the Panny is a bit more agile in its image processing. I'd say unless you're doing studio work, go with the Panny (or high-end camcorder). It'll just make life oh so simple.

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