DSLR or Mirrorless: Which Camera Range is Right For You? | Canon EOS R vs DSLR vs Canon EOS M

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In this video Canon Collective Ambassador, Jenn Cooper takes you through the advantages and differences between our DSLR, EOS R and EOS M range. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect first camera or upgrade from your current one, this video will help you work out which out of our range of DSLR or Mirrorless cameras is the perfect choice for you.

0:22 – Type of sensor
0:48 – Benefits of the EOS M range
1:57 – Benefits of the EOS R Range
3:59 – Benefits of a DSLR camera

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Piyush Kashyap says:

those canon tshirts😍

Andria says:

Hi Could you please tell me the little camera you have there and one you used in video, is it the EOS M6 and what lens did you use in the video please?? And is it the M6 or M6 Mark 11?
I had an Olympus PEN E-PL10 and the 14-150mm lens. Camera was beautiful and the quality, BUT I found it cumbersome and awkward to handle. The lens was BIG and heavy. Looking for a good camera that does/has: Good Stabilisation as I have a bit of tremor, good for close up, good zoom for distance, night and indoor shots, portraits, moving shots, landscape, fireworks, etc etc. Also touchscreen and good video. Only had point and shoot before that but want to enjoy taking better photos.
If it has to have a separate lens, is the EF-M 55-200mm f/4 5-6.3 IS STM a small lens but does all that I need in one lens please?
I really do need advice please asap as I would like to buy a camera.

____**** says:

Thank u for telling us the difference cause I dont know anything about camera😁

bryan barrientos says:

I have this camera and it's great justu.faith/CanonCamera?司 mostly if you're getting into photography and want to get a middle range camera this is the one for you, it's great for shooting videos and pictures and the lens it comes with is good for starters, I recommend this camera. If you have any questions let me know and I could let you know about the stuff you're concerned about.

eric anthony says:

I think I'm in love with Australian English!

frostybe3r says:

Seems like a dumb comparison, £2100 camera vs £499.

Im Tiffany Nguyen says:

Eos r but small lenses like the m50 = best camera

Kidfixer says:

Why do all the people at canon talk funny?

Carlos M says:

So beautiful Jenn, regards from Canada

Music Production says:

i think this camera good for makeing video and photo shoot
Canon Digital SLR Camera Body [EOS 80D] with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization STM Lens with 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS Sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF – Black

Thabani Ndou says:

Which camera did you use on taking this video pliz

Joshua Ducao says:

EOS M – Crop Sensor, Mirrorless, Small , good for travel, casual photograhpy.

EOS R – Full Frame sensor, Mirrorless, Better image quality due to bigger sensor.

DSLR – Full Frame sensor, Big size, Good for sport action or fast moving action due to mechanical motion of mirror to move away from sensor for image capture.

Darren Rowley says:

So Canon have just announced a 24-70mm L lens with image stabiliser for the R series but not for ES lenses!

Teddy Tedd says:

I don’t see the EOS r, I see the EOS rp

Chheang Mai says:

EOS R . EOS M . AND DLSR Which is good? Please reply…….

Rajan palanisamy says:

why canon dont give dual card slots entery level apsc & full frame cameras

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