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Testing the latest compact side-mount helmet camera from Drift
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Richard Sanders says:

So if your wearing your helmet and you have it mounted on the side how do you see the green light to confirm it on ?

Brice RAQUIN says:

Thanks for the complete review

David Sutton says:

What external microphone you using?

FiveNinesReliable says:

My Drift Ghost-S HD was stolen but I have a ton of accessories for it. Would anything like the batteries, suction cup mount and water proof container work for both?

M&S RC racing says:

great review im glad I watched. Im bummed the built in mics are such poor quality other than that 1080p is all I want. im not a VideoBlogger but I would not mind better audio especially all the mics that are on the Ghost X. for 100$ I think Ill pull the trigger on it. Thanks for the review from the USA NY

Mike Simpson says:

Good Video of the video camera. LOL Thanks!

Cristian Nicolau says:

Could you please test the battery (the standard one) for real? Or maybe you've already done that. I also have a 7h battery camera (as the manufacturer of my XM Warrior G1S declares) and in reality it will last, on a single charge, about 5h30min. Thanks in advance. Big like to your review! Please answer.

leevinylcritic says:

driving through Standish at night i see towards Coppull, Charnock Richard and Chorley. hmm so you maybe quite local to me ? i did guess from your accent you are a local lad but not sure if you're Greater Manchester or Lancashire and Standish is bang on south Lancashire entering Greater Manchester (Wigen), could Techmoan be a pie eater?

Open Road says:

In the Drift Quick Guide under Radiation it clearly states this camera should not be mounted closer than 20cm (8 inches) from your body. The USA radiation guidelines are some of the loosest in the world! Why are we using these cameras on our helmets. Also why are so many responsible websites and reviewers recommending them for helmet use?

Nick's Stuff says:


I'd love to see a review of the current action cams, especially the budget friendly ones like the V50 from Akaso or three Yi 4K

Laurence Bolton says:

hello, can someone help me, in the video it says the car DVR mode will run on battery but when ever I turn it on it just stops after the first time recording, how do I keep it recording continuously when riding


Great review this is exactly what I'm looking for not some adrenaline junkie cam that cost a fortune and makes you look like an astronaut.

yamaha rider says:

I'll never buy a drift ever again. I don't appreciate being lied to by the company after sending it back because the menu was glitching or would just completely go blank (only flashing red) on occasion it has failed to record, so i no longer use it. I sent it back and after receiving it due to fault i got a letter stating nothing was wrong with the camera stated by drift, yet only a week after getting it back after the repair carried out by drift it started doing the same thing. Don't buy, they are as useless as the cameras they sell.

Mark Young says:

Brilliant review. Just ordered a ghost x on the strength of it. Many thanks.

Adam Beverley says:

the review needs updating as the manual is now available on their website.

the website also recommends using the optional waterproof case if using the camera on a motorcycle in wet weather.

Shallwe Negger says:

The X definitely needs image stabilization

macsporran says:

the external mic / usb socket gets bent easily from contact with your shoulder – needs to be on the top of the camera to work best

rob phillips says:

Welcome a video on how you managed to fit the mic you recommend as I found it hard stowing away the wire and power control for the mic

TALLY HO says:

In your opinion what is the best external mic for the Ghost X. I did hear you mention a mic for your Youtube recording but what would be the best results for my crash helmet please.

Boss Hogg says:

I put a small piece of insulating tape over the mic holes, still get the sound but no wind noise,

Stephen Oulton says:

Which has best video quality out of this and the Sena Prism?

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