DPReview TV: Waterproof Compact Camera Roundup 2019 (Ricoh WG-6, Olympus TG-6, Panasonic TS7 / FTZ)

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Summer is here, which means it’s time for Chris and Jordan’s roundup of new waterproof cameras for 2019: the Olympus Tough TG-6, the Ricoh WG-6, and the Panasonic TS7. Find out which one is right for your next vacation.

Want more information about waterproof cameras? Watch Chris and Jordan’s 2018 Waterproof Camera Roundup, which includes several models still on the market:

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hrtlsbstrd says:

FYI, the word ‘price’ works just as well as ‘price point’ 95% of the time 😘

Legoman DK says:

Not a single shot under water,
Take them out snorkeling, and show us the results 😊

L.E. Miller says:

The Olympus had such good audio quality…and then…

Vincent Chen says:

That pun stung! I am going to gamble the Olympus what I want. Even before watching video. Bee roll. Yeah.

Steven Pam says:

Awesome in-depth review and comparison, but I think you buried the lede – the bottom line here is these things have tiny sensors, and your phone probably does a better job 80% of the time. I had a TG-4 and soon got rid of it for this reason. As you say, though, that's not to say that these things don't have their place – just don't expect amazing results.

Charles Tibble says:

Funny that he mentions that in 2019 our phones will capture better images and video (additional onboard processing and access to inbody editing), but no I'd rather not expose my phone to too much water, especially salt water.

R Ha says:

Great show👍🍻

Jose Dias says:

Fly fisherman Chris wheres underwater footage of fish? Curious trout bums want to know what these bad boys do with an underwater image…

Abraham Arthemius says:

No fishing? What is this sorcery?

John Smith says:

All this off putting dope should do is B roll. Strained facial expressions and lack of insight, ugh. This fool talking about grips and buttons is perfect, it's a complete use of all of his skill. What a totally useless person, he should be selling pillows on TV.

Richard Lim says:

Love the sound of wildlife in general but those cicadas (?) or whatever in the day 1 footage are really annoying. And shame on Jordan for not helping Chris out of his quagmire 🙂

Gordon Laing says:

Nicely, done, an enjoyable roundup! (Olympus zoom motor for the win!)

Lars Jørgensen says:

Without watching it i know its tg 6 that wins

Robert Miller says:

A few comments from my experience, because there is a big market for these cameras outside of sports and family activities.

Building inspectors often shoot 100s of photos on a daily basis and are known to go through a couple point and shoots every year. Unless you have a camera like the TG. I have shot on the same TG for four years. That’s substantial. It shrugs off the abuse that ends a regular point and shoot in 6-12 months.

Of course, the photos IQ is very important for professional reports, studying building conditions from the office, and even the capacity to capture images in challenging conditions.

For starters, an f/2 lens and a good sensor for low light is critical. Buildings often have dark areas: crawl spaces, attics, no power, mechanical rooms, etc. The TG excels at this.

Another great feature is the wifi remote. I often collect photos using the camera mounted on a long stick which enables excellent reach, as well as a safe workspace because I can often avoid ladders.

Dial controls are also critical. I have developed was way of shooting using the custom modes where I can alternate between C1 and C2 for flash on and off. It’s fast and easy with gloves on. If I switch to macro mode for a data plate, my familiar settings are still readily available. I can’t say enough good things about the TG, and highlighted it’s advantages at various presentations for professional technical photography such as the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors.

Excellent camera.

The Gary & Mark Show says:

I've had the TG5 since it came out and like it a lot. It's not my everyday camera but the one I take when I think the elements are going to be rough, wet, or "extreme." It's a nice little camera. I have no plans to upgrade to the TG6.

Scott Waldron says:

Rugged cameras could be so amazing if there were any forward thinking manufacturers around put put some effort into it. I generally liked my Pentax WG-II back in the day, but 7 years later we are still around the same image quality. That's pretty sad. I guess at the very least the Olympus has a decently fast lens and RAW support.

Johnson City Aerial Photography LLC says:

That Olympus focus noise.. haha I bet Jordan’s dying inside

Gewglesux says:

I still use the Nikon 300 on my Jetski…. it'll hafta do for now.

Cactus Tweeter says:

Rhubarb my favorite. 🙂

Kay Fisher says:

You missed the most important part. The Olympus has both focus bracketing and in camera focus stacking! Works as good as photoshop. Use it for hand held closeups of flowers all the time on my old TG-3!

Jesse Johnson says:

Chris: [does a complete narration about the cam]
Olympus: yall mind if I just BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Daniel Dougan says:

Jordan is in love with that music. I have heard it in multiple videos.

Li not Lee says:

Thumbnail looks like you stole these cameras and made this video

Steve K says:

What about lens fogging? Any difference among them. That is the biggest problem I've had with my older Olympus.

stampscapes says:

fantastic review

David Castro says:

I still USE my TG-3.. doesn't have RAW.. but higher megapixels.. no 4k.. but I mostly take pics.. love the fisheye lens I got for it.. and the micro is always Awesome.. and Wifi is great to have to edit on my phone and post quickly.

Matter Graffika says:

Holy crap that olympus zoom is abysmal. What are they using for zooming motors,angle grinders?

Strawberry Kiys says:

5:58 LOL, good lord what a horrible image quality and sound, any $100 smartphone does a better job. Why even waste time testing this junk.

Strawberry Kiys says:

why would anyone use these horrible cameras over a smartphone that has way better water sealing

Barry Manclark says:

…Waterproof camera test review. …… Why No Under Water samples? ….. Only a half baked review!

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