DPReview TV: Waterproof Compact Camera Roundup 2018

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This week on DPReview TV, Chris and Jordan prepare for the summer holiday season by putting several popular waterproof cameras to the test, including the Olympus TG-5, Nikon W300, and Fujifilm XP130. They also take an early look at the brand new Panasonic TS7.

If you’re considering a rugged camera for the beach or pool this summer, or if you just want to see what a Chris and Jordan fishing show might look like, tune in.

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Jasmeet Singh says:

Hi! Is TG-5 image quality better than smartphones like oneplus 6 or google pixel 2 or iphone 8. I want to shoot good quality family portraits on holidays especially in low light and with depth effect and a decent zoom. I am not an adventure traveller to seek for waterproof, freeze proof and shockproof features.

guitta Dabe says:

So, the only thing you can say about the Fuji XP is that it's cheap? You know, it would be valuable if you can tell us if it absolutely sucks!

Nuno Soares says:

I've been a long time Pentax WG series user which is now Ricoh and I simply love the camera. But the model numbers have changed and the unit itself maintains practically the same. But i still love the thing! To bad you guys didn't include it! I'd love to see a review of the new Ricoh WG-60.

Matthew Ford says:

Got a TG4 and love it, but looked into the TG5 and found it has a lower megapixel rate, so how is that an Upgrade?  The only thing I really wish the TG 4 had was a locking pin on the outer lens ring that the TG 5 has.  The ring gets removed to attach other lenses, but mine came off by just rubbing my fingers on it while snorkeling in the water.  No luck finding it.

luvmotorcycling says:

Actually helped me out I was kinda torn between the Olympus and the Fuji , I am a point and shoot guy, don't need all the extras on the Olympus and the Fuji for me would be perfect and it does have the WIFI, and definatly helps on the pocket book, I was looking for a all around camera, land and water, thanks for the info, just found your vids in the side menu, thanks guys,,,,Side Note,, What does RAW mean in taking pics,,,sorry, newbie, lolol

fukthegoog says:

I'd rather see more fishing. Being all girly about fishing on a rugged, waterproof cam review is like those tards that review 4×4 trucks while constantly talking about how they rarely if ever go off-road…

krusher74 says:

you should do a video called "how to stop your camera fogging up" and just do the silica gel tip, would get alot of view just on that

Arm Head says:

Unfortunately, where I live, the Olympus isn't available, so Nikon it is.

Indranil Bagchi says:

4:37 I was wondering how did you get that fairly stabilised video even in a boat. You have been 'gimbling'! TG-5 is so cool and sharp!

rick horwat says:

I use the TG5 with both Tele/Fisheye lenses for my outdoor excursions but it's a phenomenal outdoor cam.

Also, when talking about the underwater capabilities Olympus gives you a good platform to build on.

The optional room to expand to a dive housing and accessories is a game changer for underwater use.

I just think that should have been mentioned but very good review and comparison regardless.


ziggy72170 says:

Hello.. ( Love your Video's).. I'm looking for a somewhat rugged camera, that shoots decent photos.. Most of the time i'm by myself. And i enjoy putting my camera in trees, on log's where ever(lol).. So please tell me which of these Cameras has the best and easiest to use "Self-Timer"…Thanks.. Michael Z

hidetakejapan says:

Where is RX0?

Daniel Stapleton says:

Whatever camera you buy, also purchase a float strap for it so if dropped, it comes up to the surface. I have a TG4 and did a lot of snorkelling with it and was very pleased with it. There is an underwater setting to use for picture colour quality but photoshop will sort that if you forget to use that setting. The macro is also very good. I haven't dropped my TG4 but it is rugged – not so sure about other cameras in this review.

Dan Valleskey says:

You missed the Pentax. and the big feature for the TG-5, is the GPS locator.

Richard Wood says:

Selfie Fishies:-)

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