DPReview TV: The Best and Worst Cameras and Lenses of 2019

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Our 2020 ‘Best and Worst’ episode is here! Will Jordan’s art house movie trivia drive Chris to madness? Can you make martinis with pickled tomatoes? Find out what gear the boys from Calgary liked most – and least – this year, and learn a few things you didn’t know you wanted to know.

If you disagree with their selections, tell us in the comments! If you make your own pickled tomato martinis, let us know how that works out.

Special thanks to Levi Holwell for shooting this episode!

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Scott Slotterbeck says:

Yeah do look forward to this every year. Congrats to Jordan! Need most overrated/ over-hyped. Biggest disappointment. Best/worst action camera or specialty camera. Best/worst value. Best/worst peripheral. Anyway, another great episode, like the return to normalcy, only complaint too short!

Gordon Laing says:

What? No love for the Fartknocker XK1? I can't believe you didn't include the thing you didn't test.

Sharky James from the PetaPixel Photography Podcast says:

I live for this every year. lol

Shawn Vine says:

Thanks for the countdown. Happy holidays!

Christopher Arcadia says:

My man <3

Superhero movies are nothing but a cheap cashgrab. Then again, you have people asking for that crap, so you really can't blame the industry for making them.

pauldhoff says:

No Nikon Z mount lenses, BS.

wilteduk007 says:

NIkon 24-70mm f2.8 S is the best lens of the year.

v32finish says:

First impression: those streamers are about to catch on fire

Derek Campbell says:

Take two aspirins and a large glass of water before going to bed!!!

fabnsass says:

Drunk Chris is very fun to watch

Maxime says:

Guys, I love you.

Bruno Lazaro says:

how does the tamron 35 1.4 beat the sigma 35 1.2 ?

Adam Prest says:

Those streamers above the fireplace are making me uncomfortable

Jim Kuzman says:

My favorite YouTube video of the year 🙂

CPU UK says:

LMAO- great round-up guys.

prawy85 says:

Huge + for you guys! Nice that you know Krzysztof Kieślowski movies! Cheers from Poland!

Peter Gplus says:

Thanks, personally I even think this episode could've been 10 min longer. ..

David Putzier says:

Hmmmm strings of Crepe paper hanging across the fireplace?????

CWard says:

Love the return to your classical format. But holy cow, both of you are total lightweights. Unless there was a LOT more alcohol consumed off-cameratgan on-camera, you guys pretty much get flat-out drunk from sniffing the cap.

Tom Scott says:

I cried a little at the end of this video. Always my favorite holiday moment. Now back to my shitty life.

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