DPReview TV: Sony RX100 VI Review

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Sony recently announced the RX100 VI, the newest addition to its compact camera line. With six iterations of the RX100 series now in circulation, how does this new model stand out from the rest? Chris and Jordan take the camera for a spin and tell us what they think about the new, longer lens, the updated viewfinder and more. They even manage to fit in some well earned hammock time in the process.

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striffy says:

For those complaining about no ND filter. for the price, isn't the mag filter or lens-mate the solution that is not to expensive and gives the options of other filters. Be nice for the price of the camera though too have a solution like this thrown in

Traveler says:

The best camera is the one you have with you.

There are so many missed photos/videos because a large camera distracts the subject(s).
This camera fits in my pocket and can shoot very quickly and in LOW light.

I do wish it was less expensive.
NOTE- These are very expensive to repair. Do get/use a leash or mini tripod stick.
These are small and slippery cameras.
I now have three versions and II, Iv and V. I don't hink he VI is worth the upgrade, but well worth it if coming in cold.
The older versions are available and SUPPORTED.
Buy an older version if a budget concern.

Cold Gecko says:

For what it's worth — The RX cameras ARE destructible and delicate. I have had almost all versions. I took the mark IV and mark V on some motorcycle adventure travel around the world and both were trashed way too easy. Blown dollars. So if you baby the camera, go for it. If you think that you can take it on anything that does not take attention for safety — dont bother, it will cost you tons and ultimately, I decided its not worth it on my next trip to Nepal. No replacement for the mark V. I'll wait until they harden or weatherproof the unit for that money.

VłÐΞФ ▶ MΛЯК says:

gotta admit I did stick with my RX100V

B Adventures Travel Vlogs says:

Good detailed review. Happy to see Chris and Jordan working with DPReview now 👍🏻

Dragonstone says:

8:11 I love that every shot of Jordan that Chris takes, he comes across like a cold blooded killer.

Jorgen Sandstrom says:

What still photo (Pro) compact camera with video function. But primarily stills and articulating screen. any suggestions? Still Image quality , High ISO, Macro capabilities, wait for the Canon G1 X Mark lV?

graham ramsay says:

Graham Ramsay As a professional photographer it is a great camera for working out how you may shoot a location or subject; whilst you are in the design stage Also the raw files can be youed in the final production for detail shots where it may be too costly to get a larger camera in position; for car interiors of the cabin or motor.

mega killer says:

Pretty detailed review! Thumbs up!!

jbravo70 says:

Hi thanks for the great video! Question, I have the Sony Rx100ii. Is the picture quality the same or lesser on the ii?

Dizzy Buizzy says:

I think, this Camera was made for an Individual who needs a High Performing Camera in a Very Compact Body, with a Zoom Lens!

Dizzy Buizzy says:

Just to put my 2 cents of a view on this! The Price Tag is irrelevant if this Camera does something very Important to a user, and it does it well, than the Camera is worth it. It has it's Intensive Purposes, and Designed to do exactly that. If one wants to use it for Leisure Shooting, than it might be to expensive, but to a Pro that needs a Super Compact Camera that is Inconspicuous, than this is the Camera to use! I think it's not what it doesn't do, but what it does do!!

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