DPReview TV: Sony RX10 IV Review

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This week on DPReview TV, Chris and Jordan are off to the sunny shores of the Pacific Ocean in Monterey, California, where they review the Sony RX10 IV. Watch to find out how this all-in-one superzoom camera held up to the sun, surf, and a challenging range of shooting scenarios.

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Read our RX10 IV review:


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Mohsin Sait says:

1 inch sensor, non interchangeable lens, W battery and $1500, not worth it at all.

Nicholas Turley says:

What would your recommendation be between the Sony RX10iii, Sony RX10iv, and Panasonic FZ2500? I want this camera specifically to film hunts from open field edges to dense timber.

Omar Saad says:

Jordan got a Great point there and I thank him for that point regarding the lens, why is it 2019 and we still ask Camera companies to give us a bridge proper zoom "24 to 200 is great" + constant aperture and good size sensor "phase detect" with good old ND, Video Capabilities and no one ever listens?!!
Why extend the zoom and wreck the 1 kilo effort to shatter away?!!
with the above stuff in a bridge camera and the new a7 iii batteries Sony can win the market

Jeff Paul says:

It sounds like you want to say good things … or is it that you thought you'd hate it, but can't ?

Joe Craig says:

Review interpretation…It's not a full-frame Nikon/Canon. It's expensive, but I like spending multiple thousands more to drag around a giant gear-bag, full of Nikon/Canon full-frame stuff. Did I mention it's not a Nikon/Canon full-frame? Virtually an interpretation of every camera that's not a Nikon/Canon full-frame. Gee if I only gave a shit about what jealous, self-protecting clowns think photography is…

Myrmidon says:

I was thinking this might be a good camera for my dad but they I googled it and it turns out it costs as much as an a7R ii.

udar dare says:

Hello, is this camera crops a picture in 4K like panasonic 2500 (24 mm is 33mm) ? Thank you !

Ninh Nguyen says:

I must stop watching your channels… making me want to buy all the Sony cameras 🤣😭

Jeff Allen says:

Thought I'd send you a link to a concert video I shot last Friday in 4K with my RX10 IV. It did everything that was asked of it, and more! Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EsvUn3K6-o

Islamabad Tv says:

the starting man look like hero of hollywood… love from pakistan…. here in pakistan price in this camera 91 thousand rupes

Bene C says:

Great report thank you

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