DPReview TV: Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6 2020 Rematch!

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Have significant firmware updates changed Chris and Jordan’s recommendations? Take a look at their updated entry-level full-frame mirrorless comparison.

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goollink says:

Nikon missed their momentum, instead they keep releasing stupid lenses like f4 trio Z, 58mm, 0,95mm, 20mm, 24-200mm and don't even start with "but you have adapter..". If that's the plan, then why don't make an F-Mount Mirrorless from the start.

Summer2015 says:

It's a rematch so it doesn't include Panasonic S1. Pity, though.

Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

He talks like a snake

Nykelle St Brice says:

Would be very interesting to know how they compare to the panasonic s1 camera!

Liad Sagi says:

You're talking about software and did not mention canons image.canon for auto uploading photos. It's such a powerful feature, that my next camera will be Canon if Sony won't add such thing.

Jonathan Pearson says:

Anyone know how to block dpr videos showing up in my feed? im not subscribed and cant stand them

Aron J Anderson says:

You guys are so goofy, and I Like ittttttttt.

Chris Klugh says:

Through in the Panasonic's and it will beat all 3 except for AF and consequently sports or action shooting.

Gijsbert Peijs says:

If only you could smack them together and end up with the best of all three worlds in one camera. The IQ and high ISO performance of the A7 combined with the grip and flippy screen of the Canon.

Or Sony has to release the A7 iv with a flippy screen and slightly large grip. That would be perfect too. If they do I will absolutely upgrade from my A7Rii.

NaLLas says:

Still broke af, i realy don't know why i'm watching this

Carol Teater says:

Not sure if it is my connection or something, but the voice is not aligned at all with video. Like old-time badly-dubbed Japanese horror movie or something, lol.

Paulius Giedraitis says:

Scalp hair – BW, beard hair +++ saturation

v3z says:

Round of applause for this amazing S1H footage. I know what I'm buying if the EOS R5 is pushed back too far or too expensive.

Dave Taylor says:

That's what is crazy. The A73 was so far ahead that even 3 years on, the competitors as still catching up

sienarot says:

I noticed Chris busted out the wrist strap for the Canon.

Fwiffo says:

I guess it's fair to give the lens win to Sony because of third-party support, but it does understate the usefulness of the EF to RF adapter.

A number of old EF lenses actually have improved autofocus performance when adapted, so you can take your time when upgrading to the new stuff. Older, difficult lenses like the 85 f/1.2 and 50 f/1.0 suddenly become more practical.

You also have access to a bunch of specialty lenses that you couldn't otherwise, like the cinema lenses, the biggest big-whites, odd stuff like the MPE-65, and seven different tilt-shift options.

And you've got the drop-in filters and a huge stable of inexpensive, third-party EF lenses, which also work great when adapted.

lazybear says:

I love Sony's stuff but it's about time they had more competition! This will make all photographers happier.

Antonio Miñana says:

Great video. I agree with you but there os something you hace missed, which is the water sealing, and if you have a Sony you should be worried about it.

3Dogs1CatandMore says:

If you are a pro, using your camera everyday, yes, you will get used to Sony chaotic menu system. However, if you are an enhusiast/hobbyist, who only use camera occasionally, "continuous re-learning" of he menu system gets old after awhile. Sony camera might be most capable, but it's also most unpleasant to use.

Digital Tog says:

sony still terrible menus terrible ergonomics awkward colors green skin tones. great heroin though

Михаил Пирогов says:

10:17 sponsored by google: how to NOT sneeze safely

Love DicedTomatoes says:

Is there ever gonna be an A7Siii?

Михаил Пирогов says:

Chat do we need same video for 4-5 cameras under 399 (2012-2018 years) for crop and same for FF I dont know for about 1K bucks?

nacho dure says:

Canon color aren’t amazing is just boost the saturation on reds canon needs better sensors the dr is really poor!!

Omar CCX says:

Jordan you outdid yourself with the titles on this one.

Михаил Пирогов says:

Big thanks for Fuji not win again today with their croppy

Christopher O'Grady says:

E mount is kits too small and over the next couple of years you’re going to be seeing the gap widen more and more in optical quality and capability. I can’t wait until we get a crazy tilt shift system for RF and Z mounts that wouldn’t be possible with that little E mount opening

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