DPReview TV: Sony a7 III review

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It’s official – we’ve joined forces with Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, formerly of The Camera Store TV, to bring you an all-new video series. To kick off the series, they take an in-depth look at the Sony a7 III. Take a look as they put the camera to work in the field – from landscapes in the Canadian Rockies to some low-light portraits at a local pinball spot.

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ourtvchannel says:

time lapse
coming in a firmware update soon.

timothy Alvarado says:

Only Coward leaves his Family behind.

Jack Barron says:

You reviews have always been the best and this move is fantastic!

[email protected] gniadek says:

The camera is made in china.

Yeswanth Neehar says:

that tripod with Chris..it looks so professional man.plz mention the model of it

D3moknight says:

Can I borrow some of your meganickels?

Just Al says:

I mean when it comes to photography isn't the proof in the pudding . Zero composition and every photo they took did not speak to me at all. Here's a tip, watch videos of photographers that take actual good photos, not camera sellers

Dev Guy says:

4:44 i got the a7 III for vlogging and there are many others who've done the same.

BF Scenes says:

Good review of the camera but your photography pics are so bad lol

Phil Jones65 says:

Nobody complained about the Sony colors except the DPR staff it's another overblown issue which never was. It's called WB 😉

Sevalecan says:

Lots of not talking about the camera before you talk about the camera. Should've been a separate video. Jump to 2:36 .


Which is the best in Sony camera ???

Zayd says:

Great review!

Honeyball Lecter says:

You always remind me of Markiplier

Alex Chambers says:

Best Feature of this camera: 24 MegaNickels™

rohan banerjee says:

what is this video shot on???

emplex films says:

But does it overheat tho???

Rolland Agan says:

Thank you Sir for the review ❤ every single detail was 🔥

Josh Cruz says:

DPReview, some of your moderators are aggressively removing negative comments posted about Sony cameras in the Forum section of your website. Why are you allowing this? Are we not allowed to challenge the assumptions of your technical reviewers?

M. Cobretti says:

9:47?? Hogshead?? what's that?

DJLsb Vapes says:

You guys are killing it, congrats!!!

TCO Collective says:

The menus really are that bad though lol

Py Nchia says:

what about the striping effect?

JD says:

Great review… A7riii user and Dji Ronin assistant app is an awesome and beats using the play memories app really. It’s just faster coming from using it on the a6500

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