DPReview TV: Sony a6400 Review

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This week, Sony introduced its newest APS-C camera, the a6400. Of course, Chris and Jordan were on hand to take it for a spin and test out all the new features. Watch to find out what they think of Sony’s newest model.

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victor Popukh says:

Which exactly app you mentioned for time lapse for Sony 6400? Because I’m planning on buying this camera specifically for time lapses. Is it complex to shoot time lapses with this camera? And what about the quality?

AndreAgonia says:

Sometimes I don't get Sony.

They make widely appreciated APS-C cameras(the A6000 was a game changer) but they AWLAYS have caveats to them which make everyone think "what if…"

The A6000 didn't have a microphone jack nor fully articulating screen plus no 4K.
The A6300 had the mic jack but still no articulating screen nor IBIS and no [email protected]
The A6500 had the mic jack and IBIS but still no [email protected] nor fully articulating screen.

Now the A6400 comes out targeting vloggers…but they design the screen to be blocked by the mic hotshoe.

Sure you can move it around but it's like with the other A6XXX cameras where you could fix their shortcomings with gimbals, external monitors etcetera…but that defeats the purpose of these cameras. People usually buy APS-C cameras for two reasons:

1) they're smaller
2) they're cheaper

Why should I purchase a cheaper and compact camera only to add tons of accessories thus making it more pricey and bulky just to make up for purposely cut features or a poorly designed body? At that point I'd be better off buying a properly designed camera which is maybe a bit more pricey and bigger but feels complete right off the bat.

I mean I still like the A6400 and all the Sony lineup but I swear I don't get them.

And no, cutting stuff on purpose to avoid having internal competion between your models is something I don't believe anymore. If they design their lineup with models overlapping each other we shouldn't be the ones paying for it with purposely limited new cameras, it makes no sense.

itsdaryl says:

Save your money and buy the GH5 promise u won’t regret it 😊

hellomyphone says:

All the influencer in the camera world combined in one bus 🚌 It can be o good thing it can be a bad sign for independence…


So you think the 6500 is better than the 6400??

why RU knechtel says:

I wanted to get a sony a6300 in march pretty glad that I didn't definitely going for this one

Chris Fox says:

No ibis 👎🏻

Toss3 says:

This camera makes me excited for the a6700/a7000. Flip out screen with ibis would be perfect!

fivezeroniner says:

that white short hair girl… shes hot. :3

Mustafa Elattrib Alatrab مصطفى الأترب says:

looking for A6600 with total flip touch higher resolution screen, internal stabalization better than GH5, 30MP sensor, 4k with 60fps, shoots 15fps, with supoort for 2 XQD cards, and no rolling shutter in scilent mode at all, bigger EVF, better inner time lapse, Ah and much bigger battery… but to be honest the most important thing is get out to your field and start shooting

Syduzzaman Md. says:

Nikon D500 or Sony a6400?

Jessie Nacar says:

Need that camera to up my cinematic travel game! AF is doped. Thanks for sharing.

laurence anthony Malabanan says:

Before some people complaining about not having front facing screen on these cameras …. and now sony put it on…. and still have a complain???? Then where do you wanna put the hot shoe then? Maybe sony gonna replace it for you….. hahahaha just saying hahaha

Nelson Moreno says:

Why do agree with incidence of slow buffering the bottom line is you don't need to take 5000 shots in a day work out your plan work out your shots and it should become a non-issue those of us who grew up on film truck weight loss exposures and got the shot based on instinct knowing when you have it something you just can't seem to teach unexperienced impatient hipster wannabe photographers

Sammy Alba says:

Does the 6400 have silent shooting? The option to turn off the shutter sound?

L C says:

Please focus on the camera not the sassy person

nicegoodspeed1 says:

In Summary, this camera is a6300 v2. Don't buy it to replace your existing mirror less. lol

nicegoodspeed1 says:

No IBIS. Fail.

Gabriela Robbins says:

Great video, what camera are you using while filming this? Thank you 😊

Ashleyapples says:

I REALLY treasure the flip up scrren, my eyes won't be looking away when I do group selfies and vlogging when looking at the screen.  the need to add a microphone hotshoe to the side or add a braket on the bottom as a cheap solution. I feel there so much crisitism that might sway sony to make a flipscreen, but I really hate sideflip out screens

Ashleyapples says:

omg I freak when you let the water driped on it

Ashleyapples says:

lol, we had 10 of them, we need them all, lol

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