DPReview TV: Sony a6100 Review

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The a6100 is Sony’s newest entry-level APS-C mirrorless camera. As Chris and Jordan highlight in their full review, it features some useful upgrades over to the [apparently immortal] a6000. Visit our sample gallery to pixel-peep images from this episode: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/0052091785

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Akarsh K c says:

Please do fuji xf 16-80 f4 reveiw

themondoshow says:

All the new cams look like same

funnykenji says:

The the screen dim during 4K recording?

Peter Lemke says:

Thanks for the review Chris and Jordan. Even more interesting are the comments posted by one Christian Fiore. He is either a Sony employee or paid by Sony to promote them on social media.

I think this because:
1/ He has posted many more comments than anyone else about this video.

2/ Every comment he has posted either –
(a) Talks up the camera or Sony in general.
(b) Talks down the weaknesses of the camera or Sony in general.
(c) When other posters have commented on the merits of non Sony cameras has criticised every one of them.

You're just a fake and have been caught out so just leave!

This is the second Sony fake poster l've spotted in recent weeks. Both posting under DPReview videos.

Aleksandr Samoilov says:

Brings viewfinder from the 90s

Juz Piang says:

Who else like that red color flower ✌️😅

Krizefugl says:

still sticking with my DSLR 😀 i love how sophisticated the mechanics inside the cameras are and electronics these days just seem to have such a shorter lifespan than even used 10 year old DSLRs. everyone keeps nagging me about "go mirrorless" but i just dont see why, still. + im a tall guy so i enjoy having a heftier camera with way more all around size. the focus tracking is definitely better than what i have but then again i rarely chase things that much nor do i do any video so im fairly content. if i had the budget id go for a d850 😀 but im broke :-/

Quivver77 says:

I'd love to buy it — but the ergonomics look horrible for someone with big hands.

Mark Anthony says:

Wait – is that a Blue Jay hanging out with Ducks? And a black Squirrel too?

Man the animals in NYC do NOT get along like this – is there anything about Canada that isn't friendly, eh?

Foosa dee Cat says:

Gosh even in Canada the animals are friendly….

Philip Johnson says:

How did this guy get so far in life thinking ISO was a word and not an acronym?

Michael Jandavs says:

Bull crap on the worst lens comment. It's more than capable.

Dedy Ardana says:

for someone who already own a a6000, i really wish they compare a6000 and a6100 jpg side by side, just to see how much the color science has improve

Joseph Mikhail Anthony says:

I have a6300. Should I go for 6100 or 6600?

Alik Griffin says:

The color grade on this video was awesome!

epicstacker413 says:

7:01 LOL

gambitrocks says:

Comments section question: Would you buy a Sony a6100 or the Panasonic GH5? Reasons?

Patrick Thibaut says:

3:33 the squirrel really stuck to the script!

Andrew Sowerby says:

Hmm… Another A6100 entry level camera review that pairs it with that definitely not entry level £1200 16-55 f/2.8 G lens.

Nick says:

that car scared the shit out of me

Joey Hoogendoorn says:

In order to freeze your kids indoors, just buy a bigger freezer.

Ziggi Mon says:

I feel like buying … some coffee.

Scott Waldron says:

Even when the A6100 is doing fully manual video it looked like the camera was pushing highlights/shadows when I was running it along side an M50 on the same settings. I didn't look around the menus, but maybe there is some setting that does it? Your footage had a similar feel (10:30). Overall I did like the camera. I think it will be a solid deal once it drops down to the current price of the M50. Great video a usual. 🙂

Ter Idzard says:

So it's still the same old crap as as seen before by Sony. Good IQ, lots of features, great AF but shitty kit lens and poor to lousy ergonomics. Not fun to use at all. No wonder that camera sales are decreasing if this is the stuff supposed to waken the appetite of phone users to get into "real" cameras. Thx. for the video.

Gabriel Gattringer says:

So it is RIP A6000? Glad I´ve picked up the A6300 with 2 lenses for 930€ in August this year. I bet the A6100 AF isn´t good at tracking flying aircraft. My A6300 AF-C sucks at this task.

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