DPReview TV: Ricoh GR III Review

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The Ricoh GR series is a perennial staff favorite, and in this week’s episode, Chris takes the new GR III to an industrial area, does some street photography in the sunny city, and drinks a tasty beer at a new brewery.

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Special thanks to Inner City Brewing
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Joseph Saunders says:

love the camera still wish it had and ovf

Jonathan Stewart says:

Elephant in the room: what place do compact cameras have now that cellphones are so good?

warmonked says:

It's $900! No way.

Brenden John says:

Thank you, this was an excellent and cordial review! You're very good at this, at what to talk about, and with the overall video presentation!

G Bo says:

I've had the V2. Sold it few months after I got it. Menu are greats, so does picture quality. My main issues were : 28mm and no EVF. Same thing with a 35mm and an EVF (a removable one), would buy again. This V3 adds things people don't really care about (but the USBC). Image Stabilisation ? For a 28mm, really ? 24Mbps sensor…ok if you wanna crop. But all these ruined the battery.

Eric Glass says:

I'd def buy this camera, I understand the prime lens, but like the wide angle lens adapter, I wish it had an adapter that made it a little larger mm lens

Kez says:

Awesome camera, if it was 2005 lol

Butch Greuel says:

I don't quite understand the attraction of this camera. It's as elusive to me as the Leica enthusiasm some people have.

I have the Fuji XF-10 which is pretty similar in features but is fun to use, you can go fully manual, including focus, battery lasts longer and it is much cheaper.

Robert Alvarez says:

Used GRII is a great value.

mr gnu says:

I'm still using the GR, when the GRIII drops in price I'll definitely be getting one, absolutely fantastic cameras, it's like have a DSLR in your pocket. Great review!

DarkPa1adin says:

mount a tripod and get jordan to drive?

Dzevad Bajraktarevic says:

I had Gr2 (very nice but like all cameras had some issues–this is all subjective as we all prefer one thing over another) and push comes to shove this one is not worth more than 400-500$ tops. The Fuji xf10 is not worth more than 200$ tops. My opinion off course but more people would buy these if they were around that price I mentioned for sure.

T C Lim says:

09:18 was that Dave?

Jesus Conde says:

Hi, great video!!
Do you know how to set bulb mode???

My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:

Hmm, the same title as TheCameraStoreTV's review, are you copying them?

ManyDoors777 says:

I would love to have this camera

Kun Wu says:

This camera is perfect for me except for one flaw: Low Light Auto Focus!

ben schram says:

So what's so poo about the video recording capability? I need details. Is it the rolling shutter? The color?

Steven Pam says:

Heh, first video in my YouTube "up next" is TCSTV's review of the same camera 🙂

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