DPReview TV: Panasonic S1R vs. Nikon Z7 vs. Sony a7R III

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This week Chris and Jordan do a side-by-side comparison between three high resolution mirrorless cameras: the Panasonic S1R, Nikon Z7, and Sony a7R III to see how they stack up. Which one is right for you?

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JoeS5263 says:

Lovely video. Shot on the G5… excellent!

Semmi says:

Great review, Thanks guys!

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel says:

A very partisan video everything is only personel impressions. If someone says the Sony Menu is bad is just not used to it. I dont like the other Menus because Im not used to them

Josh Steinbauer says:

super helpful. thanks a lot for this video.
i was surprised that Sony took the battery prize. i have an a7Rii and the battery life is garbage. they must have made a real upgrade for the A7Riii

v3dDotRu says:

Dude, are you Pinocchio? I have shoot on S1 and had no ANY issue with display.

Sam Flynn says:

I've owned the a7riii since it was released. After updating the firmware a couple weeks ago, my battery life has drastically decreased. I now NEED 2 batteries to get through a day of shooting. Has anyone else experienced this?

Dan Ling says:

Great review. One thing getting largely overlooked is that as a system, the Nikon Z7 with 14-30 f4 S, 24-70 f4 S and 70-200 f4 F is BY FAR the smallest and lightest super-high IQ landscape kit available.

DracoMagnum says:

Just a heads up for anyone considering buying one of these for recording 4K video. Both the Z7 and a7RIII have noticeable lower video quality than the Z6 and a7III.

Skvora Limited Media says:

Sony went pretty much full mirrorless for video eons ago, Panasonic got this insane Leica mount idea, and Nikon seemed to jump into ML game just for the hell of it because Z line, especially with the adapter, is not all that much smaller nor lighter than DSLRs.

Frank Luo says:

Only a lunatic photographer will choose s1r as their main camera for commercial work.

Mitch Crane says:

I GOTTA GIVE IT! You guys are fun.

Wayne Wong says:

Panasonic DFD loser trash autofocus


Chris, now I see why you don't let Jordan do the talking, It's because He's Better Than You Chris!!!

Mickey Zombish says:

wtf with that intro lol so funny

Hong Shen says:

Personal opinion: it is great video and great comparison. But so far none of the so-called comparison has mentioned much about manual focusing, which is niche but very important for old school photographers like me… I did a comparison with my friends in studio and in field between S1R, A7Riii, Z7, X1R, M240, M10, A9, EOS R, X1D and GFX, among which A9/A7Riii outperformanced every other camera for it has the best image quality of liveview, best accuracy of peak display, and best frame rate when enlarging. I would say for any manual focusing lovers Sony is still the very best choice in terms of shooting experience, not to say it has the first class image quality as well.

TheLyndonRay says:

FINALLY! Been waiting on this one from you guys. Thanks!

Neopulse00 says:

Thought the Panasonic might have done better in the lens category given the interesting L-Mount native cross platform sharing it has.

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