DPReview TV: Panasonic LX100 II Review

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VanCiapp says:

The possibility of turning off the autoimatic lens extension is by far the best new feature of the camera.
Panasonic should bring that oin the older model too, via firmware, is just an annoying thing to deal with.

RAj Curry says:

It may be an illusion but the 16:9 is a deal maker for me…. anyone else feel the same?

Andy C says:

Wait. At the end. Was that a Captain D reference?

Nanez ferrer says:

how this asian guy can grow a beard ?

Rop Fotosjop says:

Excellent! Instant sub. Still that flimsy wheel on the back is a no no for me.. I liked the mark I but need something more heavy duty.

smee1198 says:

So what other options are there with similar external controls and features? What other brands come close? I've been holding off on buying a replacement to my broken Canon for 3 years, this was the one I wanted but it seems to fall very short of its competitors. DPreview what are the other options?

Michael Turner says:

Nice review. Thank you.

kalanix51 says:

Still doesn’t beat the G7.

Bene C says:

Great sounding camera but the zoom a bit too small and no mic I'm put thanks for the great report stay safe see ya

carmelomichael sala says:

hi there! Can you please advise if you’re also hearing a rather loud sound coming from the lx100 m2’s interior gearing? I searched online and found others reported this being a common thing from the older lx100 m1 camera, but my Leica dlux cameras never had this issue, including my dlux 109, so I’m more than a little annoyed by this as it’s rather loud and very distracting. If this is in fact just a normal reality of the lx100 models, than I’ll happily pay the extra money for the Leica dlux 7 is it means not having to hear that distraction while shooting.

Please advise. Thank you!

Richard Pan says:

Are Jordan and Christ part of DPReview now? What happened to them being on TheCameraStore?

anthony newlands says:

why review the camera on the G5 instead of the one being reviewed

Darrel Robertson says:

Snapshot guy with and old 1" compact and old micro 4/3 camera…wish that I had this camera instead. Best part, no additional costs, i.e. expensive lens. Nice job…great team.

Tyler Deschaine says:

It really is a shame they didn't add dust prevention to the lens system. I would have paid full price for this camera if that was the only upgrade. I use my LX100 as my easily portable MTB photography camera. I shoot a lot in thick forest canopy and somewhat lower light and the fast lens and larger sensor combo really helps in these scenarios. But with that also comes harsher environments, often time quite dusty. There really isn't anyone else offering this compact of a camera, with usable ergonomics, good low light performance, with a 24-70 focal length and fast lens. Please Please Please give me weather proofing and a mic input on LX200!

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