DPReview TV: Our 2020 Resolutions for every camera company

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It’s been a great year for new product launches but not all of Chris and Jordan’s gear dreams came true. As such, they have some grievances to air and you’re going to hear about it!

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ismagine says:

Sony got it very easy

Gert Jørgensen says:

never, never flip screen on fuji xt

Martin Wozenilek says:

We don't need more megapixels. We need better and affordable glass! Especially from Canon and Nikon. Fujinon glass is superb and not expensive compared to Nikon and Canon. All the megapixels are useless with bad glass in front of it.

Camera Journey says:

My sarcastic side loves the mocking subscribers for showing concern over streamers catching fire by placing a petrol can above the fire, but they are right to mention it. Lets hope your house insurer doesn't watch your channel 😀

cooloox says:

Great video guys! Good suggestions with a bit of humour thrown in. Nothing better.

San S says:

Never ever expected the M11 reference!

PrashBricks III says:

Fujifilm should add 4k/24fps recording to there x-pro2.

zKMotion says:

Yes please, Leica please make a hybrid EVF/OVF! Using the additional EVF on the hot shoe mount isn't the way to go, if it's a rangefinder, your supposed to look through the viewfinder on the left

Brian Davies says:

The title proclaims "Resolutions for every camera company", yet misses out Pentax/Ricoh, Hasselblad, Phase One, Zenit and Zeiss to name but a few. I guess they must already be perfect! Still, I enjoyed the video, but would have liked to have seen what you might have wished for Pentax. Have a great New Year, guys and bring is many more reviews and other fun videos.

Keyser 0 says:

Sigma FP has the same 'boutique' (near useless) feel of a Pentax Q.
So, with a foveon sensor in mind, why not a proprietary range of Sigma lenses with built-in leaf shutter in addition to the EVF accessory?
An adaptor for m-mount by Sigma could have the same leaf shutter.
Therefore, a poorer man like me would never need a Leica… so above won't happen. Roll on 2020.

RoRo says:

Poor Hasselblad 🙁

Dr. Feelicks says:

I thought he was gonna go all Zoolander with the gas can at the end😧☹️

Akhyar Rayhka says:

Fuji should remake their interface, their menu is garbage.

Grin Cadorna says:

I stop buying dslr , mirroless i have no interest anymore I always take my 35mm film and have no problem at all

oscar zamora says:

hahahha guys you are so hilarious !! love you show ! best to both of you in this upcoming new year !

pramodh kumar says:

Sony bring a7siii 12bit

James C says:

Agree with everything except Leica hybrid OVF. Love the analog view finder as it is.

ytubeleo says:

They totally skipped Canon EOS M, which needs full sensor 4K without pixel skipping and also IBIS. Current 4K is incredibly soft and presumably noisy due to pixel skipping.

Fuji needs to sort out the problems with the 16-80 mm which currently make it quite embarrassing and need to get IBIS in everything from X-T30 up.

TheGreatLoco says:

Canon has to do something with their DSLR's and EF lenses. Nikon became clearly superior with their DSLR's and F lenses have much wider selection.

1D Mark III and 6D have to bring mirrorless technology. Hybrid EF/optical finder and AF on sensor to be used with EVF and the mirror up.

Canon needs a mirrorless equivalents of their 5Ds/R and 1D mark III. Nikon needs a pro mirrorless camera and to ramp up their Z-lens offer. Nikon also shouldn't source sensor from Sony. All Nikon and Canon DSLR should at least have a EVF option.

Sony needs to make better cameras and better less expensive lenses.

Sigma has to improve quality also where it isn't visible, like lens internals to make lenses more durable, better AF and lens overall image rendering, not just sharpness.

Fuji needs a raisonably priced full frame mirrorless or rangefinder camera. The X100V is long overdue, why not make it full frame.

Vikman Photography says:

As a new Sony user myself, I have to say that I actually prefer Sony's color science on my A7III and A7Riv over my remaining Canon camera. I can't speak to other Sony cameras though.

As for all the other Sony things you covered, I agree 100%. Get a working touch screen PLEASE. Sony's phone app is beyond worthless and needs a complete overhaul. The menus are far from the best on the market but they don't bother me really. The video features are good enough for what I do but they are beginning to seriously lack. The raw compression is abysmal. There needs to be smaller raw modes for the massive 61mp sensors (maybe 24mp?).

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