DPReview TV: Olympus OM-D E-M1X Review

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Olympus just announced its new flagship camera, the OM-D E-M1X, and Chris and Jordan are already here with their review. Tune in to see them put this new model to the test in the frozen north, and find out what they think of it.

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Defecto Digital says:

Olympus needs to put the New IBIS + 4k60p + Phase detect on the new EM5, thats the camera m4/3 users are waiting.

jacob katz says:

3 thousand bux for half frame is steep .. at that price you can get nikon z7 and sony a7rmk3 someone spending that money would care about live nd? or buy a less expensive full frame and buy normal nd filters?

Hypatiakitten says:

I currently shoot wildlife on an E-M1 MkII and I love the sound of this body but I agree with most everyone else $3k, £2.8k here in the UK, is just too much. Sub £2k and I'd be down the shop arranging a trade in.

Pierre Thenot says:

That corner warping is worst that sea sickness…

Merlin Alfonso says:

Where is my digital full-frame OM-1 or OM-2? Sadly it will never be.

kristwi says:

XT3 half price same performance and better low light xD

Ahmad ullah says:

You buttoned up the overcoat in a up down way for the first 3 minutes of the video. 😄😄😄😄

Steve Ferneyhough says:

This new camera does have some neat features such as the Live ND, Hi-Res mode, full weather-sealing, dual card slot, fully articulating screen, 121 all cross type AF points and 7.5 stops of image stabilisation. However the weaknesses are; same old MFT sensor, low-res LCD EVF, size & weight (looks like an old Olympus E-1 with a battery grip!), video features/quality not on par with competition, and the big one-price. $3,000 for a four thirds sensor camera, heck no!

hery kurniawan says:

Olympus make a big mistake on it

AKlaas van Dalen says:

Battery low

Derek Brown says:

This is just way to expensive, when compaired to the competition. I own an OMD EM10mk2, with 12-40 f2.8 Pro lens, it's been my go to travel camera for a while, i do love it, dispite it's limitations. But i am worried about the future for MFT, been stuck with this 16/20 megapixel sensor for a while. I love the tech that Olympus, and Panasonic are packing into these cameras, and the pro lenses from Oly are great, but the limitations of that MFT sensor, will always be a drawback.

eXaviar sanTos says:

Hey Chris , what gloves are u using? Looks like some heat company stuff, right? I am looking for good winter stuff for staying warm while doing photography

veganbodybuilding says:

It has a couple of features that are interesting, but having 2 Lumix G9 bodies for that price kind of dims it's sparkle quite a bit. If they dropped the price by a third or more it would suddenly become an interesting prospect, but 3 grand? I was hoping for more for that kind of price, not an old sensor, zero improvement in low light capabilities, all mushed into a truly massive body. The image stabilization is nice, the ND filter idea is nice too, but they do not have the killer 'must have' features that drive sales (in my opinion). If they improved the sensor that would have been a whole new dynamic…I will test one out, but already owning a G9 I am hard pushed to see how they'd sell it to me?

Mr.B1ue says:

You fixed your jacket, haha

Poet Guide says:

The reason why Olympus added a specialized train af is because in Japan there are hobbyists who are train fanatics. Like shooting airplanes and motorsports, taking photos of trains is huge thing there. Also there are hobbyists who are into miniature trains and would love to have a camera that can accurately follow focus their mini trains as it goes around their diorama.

Gerald Braun says:

I wonder why other reviewers are getting excellent results, but you didn't. I just have to comment on the fact that all your videos are predictable. You start out positive and then you say BUT and the tone goes south. This is review is typical and a disappointment. I will say though for a camera you didn't like, the hi rez shots were incredible.

Rochester Swift says:

The Eagle has landed.

MP says:

you can put what ever crap on that camera you want, in the end its still just a micro four thirds. It just cannot compete against 35mm when it comes to light sensitivity, noise and bokeh. Those limitations will always be a deal breaker for me.

Cactus Tweeter says:

I am really intrigued about the computational aspects of this camera.

jjstarrprod says:

Bwahahaha !
Am I the only one that noticed that Jordan transformed Chris into a sad old dog at 5:38 ?

Andrea Rotelli says:

Definitely a great camera for all its features. It will take much longer than 14 minutes to disclose all of its weapons. Apart from a coupe of specs not in line with its price, my question is: is a pro willing to scarify iso performance and, when needed, dof? There are similarly priced cameras with evident flaws in some areas. There is no perfect camera of course. But spending 3k for m4/3 is hard to understand. Do you think that a ff with same specs would sell at 4-5K? Is it made to meet Japan internal market demand? Is there really a niche for it? After watching lots of video I'm trying to find reasons for this camera but questions keep coming up to my mind and I still don't get it. I'm an happy m4/3 owner, but still don't get it.

NewsIn60Seconds says:

Here is the thing. The future of the technology introduced in this camera is funded by its sales. If there are not enough units moved, there will be no future development of this technology, at least in an olympus body.

Ira Gottlieb says:

Really enjoy your reviews. Fair, balanced and always interesting.

Randy Nielsen says:

*rage vomits, pushing imac off of desk and onto the floor.

Koko Bambo says:

can i see some chicks in reviews?

Tom Hirtreiter says:

I'm still shooting with my trusty E-5 and E-30 and for a while, I have been thinking of moving to M43 but, I do have a lot invested in lenses. How well do the old lenses perform on the M43 systems?

Raitzi says:

3000€ camera and not full frame. I cannot see how this would sell. Cool tech though.

roman dulce says:

3000$? Daaamn.

gregory buchs says:

Way too expensive… i'll buy a G9 for stills AND a GH5 for videos and even save some money 🙂 Olympus make very good lenses but their bodies are not so good

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