DPReview TV: Olympus E-M1X Video Features Review

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Chris and Jordan recently reviewed the Olympus E-M1X as a camera for still photography. Now they’re back with a whole episode about its video features. Watch to find out where this camera really excels – as well as a couple places where there’s room to grow.

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bob cook says:

Thank you Jordan ,, and Chris !! You Both ARE GREAT !!!!

Weed an' Wine says:

Yes!!! More Jordan video only episodes 💜

Richard James Milne says:

This is good, I think it make sense on Flagship cameras that it is important enough for your audience to do a seperate photo and video review that's more in depth. Thx for your honest review Jordan!+

TheCameraProject says:

Can you guys do an autofocus for video side by side with the GH5?

ACDGibson says:

More vids like this, please 🙂

B SAF1993 says:

you remind me of marshall Ericsson in "how I met your mother". anyone else notices this?

俞鑫 says:

Happy Chinese new year!!!

Apostolos Vakirtzis says:

Great content as always!!!

Allen A says:

seems like im going to die of old age if i keep waiting for olympus to make a good camera

Marcos Codas says:

G9 video revisited post firmware updates, please!

Geo Sen says:

Sneaky comment on Peter McKinnon's vlogging with 1DX M2 detected.

Michael Miller says:

Not a big digital video shooter, but enjoyed and learned from this video anyway.

The Art of Photography says:

Nice job Jordan!

Emad nejati says:

The video is destroying photography, I mean it's good to buy a camera that does both
but it seems it's just videography right now, and 70% of the photographer doesn't care about 4k 60p or 10bit recording and blah blah

Zach Lancaster says:

Please more stand alone video, videos! Super informative!

Martin Bures says:

This video has no purpose 🤷‍♂️😁

Alexander Verdoodt says:

That intro is what my wife hears anytime I talk about photography or watch one of these videos. Yes, I would love more standalone video-centric episodes.

Nam Hua Teo says:

I want to see Jordan make a full length video of Chris doing Swan Lake

Dennis Bloodnok Channel says:

Good video. I am starting to shoot more video footage myself , so videos like this are always very useful.

Fodson Media says:

Hellz yeah, Jordan; more video episodes please!

Fotomo says:

"The 1dX II which some crazy people use for vlogging" 😂😂😂 Peter Mc Canon, where are you

Mem Orjaliza Media Solutions says:

2:00 really hurt my heart a bit.

artistjoh says:

Given how ‘head-in-the-sand’ Olympus has been in the past I didn’t think Olympus would survive vey long. But, with this camera Oly is buying itself a seat in the future. It is not perfect with video, but neither were the first two gens of the Panny GH series. This camera’s video features is a good grounding for the next Oly video hybrid to match it with the GH line. I know there are people who prefer a stills-only camera, but they are a shrinking portion of camera buyers, and most of us demand a more video-centric capability for a camera. Finally Olympus is joining the party.

Imran St.Brice says:

More videos like this!

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