DPReview TV: Nikon Z6, Sony a7 III, and Canon EOS R compared

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For several years Sony had the full frame mirrorless camera market all to itself, but recent introductions from Canon and Nikon have changed the landscape. This week, Chris and Jordan compare the current generation entry-level full frame mirrorless models from each company: the Nikon Z6, Sony a7 III, and Canon EOS R. Watch their analysis to find out where they think each model excels or has room to grow.

Also, make sure to read our in-depth written reviews of the Canon EOS R and the Sony a7 III. (A Nikon Z6 review is coming soon – we promise!)

Canon EOS R review:

Sony a7 III review:

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Aditya Sharma says:

This is the biggest camera comparison in the current timess…..

RufusLeakin says:

From what I understand, there will be a firmware update in May for the Z6 and Z7 addressing the autofocus and adding eye detection. I also discovered that the Z-series 50mm f1.8 lens got outstanding reviews. Slightly more pricey than other 50mm f1.8 lenses, about $599, but optically superior, especially wide open.

jeylful says:

Excellent review guys, as usual. Thanks.. I am thinking about a new camera (My D800 is very heavy when traveling) so your comparison video is really really helpful!

Simon says:

Great video – you are finally get more and more subscribers on YouTube !
Go on doing those great reviews !

dustovshio says:

z6 has the best features of the sony without the downside having to deal with overpriced lenses.

littlegiant830902 says:

what are you Australian, stop saying zed 6 say z6, lol

Jerry Sanderfield says:

Great stuff here on these cameras. I am wanting to switch to mirrorless but I am overwhelmed by the choices. I have been looking at the Z6, Sony A7 III, and now the Lumix S1 is near. I am an avid hobbyist that shoots landscape and have recently taken a liking to video These cameras offer the in body stabilization and so that is attractive to me. I like the looks of the Z6 but the idea I have to buy new memory cards detracts from it. I have a lot of SD cards that would become worthless with that camera. It also seems the verdict is out on the S1 as it is not on the market yet for reviews. I have a little time before I buy, but I am looking at buying by August. I know these cameras all shoot great pictures I am really interested in the stabilization for the video. Do you have any advice? Thanks, Jerry

Tobi R says:

Sony first place in lenses?! Maybe it's to cold in Canada… Can't disagree more! Adapted lenses do NOT count

Majs Korv says:

Why are you people still choose Canon in world of everything else? It is so stupid! It is like IE of cameras.

IndianTelephone says:

There was a time when Canon was a blind choice for me. When they came out with 600D and 5DMk3 and 1DX… Even 80D is awesome. Because of unmatched video capabilities on top of brilliant photography. Too bad that time is over.

For some reason, Canon is deliberately destroying their DSLR legacy by creating this stupid underpowered cameras.

Now that Canon's lenses work with other much better bodies with simple adapters, the only way for Canon to stay relevant in the mid tier and low tier market is actually make good cameras. Currently their only good recent reveal was 1DX Mk2. And thats a 6k$ camera only! In this day and age when cameras half that price gives equally good or better performance, that's just an elite collectible. Just like D5.

Mango Steel says:

Panasonic WINS!

Alex Lac. says:

Yet i will buy the RP

Drake Leroy says:

I wear xxl gloves comfortably. Sony a73 is most likely out, if I'm to use the camera. Maybe,??? photography is made for people with smaller hands. My eos 80d fits comfortably, but dynamic range at iso higher than 100 is pitiful and there defrraction at f/5.9 and higher due to the pixel size. I want mirroless to escape auto focus micro adjustments for every lens. I guess I'll keep cussing myself fir buying the 80d.

tokekkk says:

I'm a Canon user with bunch of L-lenses. Gonna say goodbye to dinosaur technology, already got my A7III and never touched my 5D ever since.

Jeff Tight says:

Thing is … Canon and Nikon don't believe in mirrorless. They only built them for market share. Sony has based their camera business on mirrorless. They all need to improve, but until the others truly get on board, Sony will remain the winner. (I'm a Nikon DSLR shooter)

erich ly says:

Man that GH5S video quality is just amazing ‼️ just had to say

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