DPReview TV: Nikon W100 Long-Term Review

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DPReview TV’s newest host, Liam Drake, presents his long-term review of the Nikon W100 rugged camera. Want to see more reviews from Liam? Let us know in the comments!

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Richard Adams says:

Well done Liam!

André Marques says:

Aaah, SO cute! =) Best review ever!

Phil Brown says:

Probably this channel's most professional review for quite a while. Certainly puts those other two jokers in their place…. 😉

Nishanth S G says:

Nikon gift this kid ur w150 camera… No better advertising than that

ingram98ab says:

"..that it can zoom in, and it has these extra buttons…" this kid already has better understanding of photography than most adult "smartphone photographers".

Basil Mahmud says:

1:07 is me. So much lol

medved says:

Cameras for me but not for thee. 🙂 Sounds just like his dad.

glacier activity says:

Could not agree more. Compared to phones, the (extra) tactile buttons and ergonomics are important.

I bet that one of the down-votes is from Jared Polin, pointing out that this camera does not store RAW-files and therefore has absolutely no value.

I disagree with Polin on this. This photographer shoots wild-life. He moves close for those environmental portraits that has street-photo qualities in them, being spot on isolating the point of interest, while having enough depth of field to also include enough of the ambient surroundings.

With gear that handles active lifestyle and use without needing to being overly worried.

Excellent review.

Only additional information I would like is: It is easy to review the images on the camera – and are the images easy to move over to a computer/ipad to share with grandparents and/or friends?

Sergio Serra says:

OMG this is pure cuteness

Andrew BoddySpargo says:

This was super fun. More Liam, please!

Von Potatostein says:

Youtube Camera Gear Reviewers: HA! We are unmateched and invincible!!!
Liam:*Hold my juice box…*

Thomas Paris says:

Love the new guy! And his great, honest review of what sounds like the perfect tool for him. I can think of a couple of people who could use a camera like this one. Thanks!


Somehow this is great, it's cute, sure but if it was just that, I wouldn't care. It's actually a nice and well articulated useful review though. I see a future here, he will replace Chris soon enough… Hahahaha…


The question is, did he get the W150 on Xmas? Hahahaha…

Al Ka says:

Easily the best review of 2019! Great job Liam 👍

Jimmy James says:

“New model?” Omg loves that part. Like why am I not shooting on this model already??!! Lol

PistigriloXP says:

This is the cutest camera review from DPReview!

My Camera Bag says:

This is excellent!!!

robiuk666 says:

The Best Young Presenter of 2020 award winner. Well deserved, young man!

808Island Life says:

If Liam is in front of the camera, Chris' kids should do the recording on the next one. That'd be awesome.

Achim Recktenwald says:

After watching the video, I checked out on Amazon, what is available for kids and was surprised about the many cameras offered for kids, often astonishingly cheap. This raised my suspicion and I visited the Buying Guides section on dpreview.com.
I discovered a major omission: there is no guide describing Cameras for Kids.
With the rapidly shrinking user numbers for non-smartphone cameras, I think that this is something you should be looking at. As with all things, if you can interest them at a young age, there is a good / better chance they will stick with it.

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