DPReview TV: Mid-Range APS-C Mirrorless Shootout (Canon M6 Mk II, Sony a6400, Nikon Z50, Fuji X-T30)

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This week Chris and Jordan compare four popular mid-range APS-C mirrorless cameras: the Canon M6 Mark II, Nikon Z50, Sony a6400 and the Fujifilm X-T30. Which one is right for you?

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Bram Doornbos says:

Missing the Panasonic G90/G95 (or otherwise the GX9) on the table though having a smaller sensor … should be fair to let it compete (or not?)

Joaquim Gonsalves says:

Ok. So I need the X-T30 and the M6ii. 😜

Awlad Hossain says:

What about price marking?

赵力克 says:

using a xpro2, still think I'm holding the king of apsc

Jimmy a Geek says:

No Panasonic ?

Roy Kohlsdorf says:

Awesome video.i'm thinking about getting the fuji xt30 for long time.good to hear that it did good. in your ranking.by the way love your videos. Came in contact when you did the impression video of the xt-30 because you guys were the first.since than i stuck on your channel.good job

ritwik says:


Sebastian Schmid says:

I really usually like your videos but recommending an aps-c camera that has only two native lenses to choose from (both being kit lenses) to enthusiasts is not good advice. If my wife bought me a camera that has almost zero lens availability I’d make a happy face and explained her why that one will go back to the shop later. Not recommended imho until the lens problem is fixed.

RagingBubuli says:

Sony may not be as good as a Nikon sensor, but Sony got the widest selection of Lens.

geotoub says:

Sticky Sony autofocus maybe not that sticky? Look at the wobbling background at 8:30.

tubularificationed says:

I'm almost FORCED to purchase a FF mirrorless system, even though I'd like to go with APS-C. But each APS-C system offering has unacceptable flaws:
– lenses are ridiculously overpriced, 2-3 times as expensive as they could / should have been. This is the curse of monopoly prices of a closed system. Bad quality (decentering lottery) is also unacceptable for such overpricing.
– (relevant) 3rd party lens makers ignore Fuji since ever
– X-Trans penalty. Why does Fuji grant the Bayer privilege only to their GFX medium format cameras?
– Eye AF

– lens choice
– hostile against 3rd parties, i.e. AF sabotaging risks again, should 3rd party lens makers come up with Z APS-C lenses
– Eye AF and AF in general
– uncertain future (may become the next Pentax), given the Z failure in the market, in spite of desperate discounts, and given Nikon's recent financial trends resulting from all of that

– Ergonomics
– Old, outdated, slow platform, becoming unsuitable for agile photography (see also Carey Rose's https://www.dpreview.com/opinion/5663165843/the-sony-a6600-is-almost-a-great-camera-for-event-photographers, "As it turns out, the a6600 is just too darn slow")
– no (real) RAW data offered, only something lossily compressed, therefore prone to artifacts in some high-contrast scenarios

– not really looked deeper into them, as I "grew up" with the consensus over the last decade, that Canon's sensors are something just to stay away from. Not sure if this has improved by now, but the M system just hasn't triggered a "wow, interesting, let's look into that deeper" reaction in my brain yet.

Hooked on Photography says:

3:04 a6400? 😉 I have an X-T30 (which has an outstanding sensor), but I would rather have the Z50 dual lens kits (because it would be fit better with my setup, already owning a Z7 which I love. I had the a6400 but had to return it since I couldn't stand the body.

Baraa Aljanabi says:

fuji lens is so Expensive.

Jon7555 says:

Not wanting to particularly knock Fuji, but when rating it top for video there is the issue that it doesn't have IBIS and there are no stabilised primes except the 90mm Macro, so you can't use all those nice lenses unless you are going to be tripod-based. Also on lens selection, in addition to the lack of stabilised primes a number of the better quality lenses have quite slow AF motors and (annoyingly) haven't been updated with better ones.
On Canon – I think the external EVF will only be a good idea if they come up with a much higher MP option. Do a 3.x or 5.x MP one and that would be good. However you can presumably load either a flat of log profile as a custom Picture Style if you want one.
Sony menus combined with the fact they don't do an advanced manual and rely on you looking up questions online is a problem, and people should probably buy a 3rd party book they can get in pdf format and put on their phone for when they can't find some option they are sure is in there somewhere, and have no cell signal (or no roaming when abroad).
Nikon seem to have a long record of putting minimal effort into DX (=APS) lenses, which would be a worry. Also not all adapted F mount lenses will work properly. Might be a concern for the keener users, less so for people who will only ever use the kit lens.
Actually I'm not sure any of the kit lenses grab me. The Fuji one you suggest is good, but only goes to 18mm and adds a lot of cost over taking the 15-45 lens. The Canon 15-45 is okay, but a little more reach would be handy and then it's 18mm wide and more money. With Sony you either get the really quite nasty 16-50 or again don't go wider than 18mm. I don't know enough about the Nikon 16-50 to comment.
BTW if I wanted 10-bit video I'd get a GH5 rather than a Fuji and paying a bundle extra for an external recorder unless I REALLY wanted recording in ProRes for some reason.
There really isn't a clear stand-out IMHO (except to brand fan-boys of course) so I'd struggle to know what to recommend unless someone was very interested in just one area (e.g. video).

Phil Jones65 says:

Conclusion don't bother with a camera use your phone, if you do get a camera head straight to full frame!
APS-C lens prices don't add up ;-D

Garry Murphy says:

Another very enjoyable video and totally agree with your thoughts. I think that all of these cameras offer something for everyone so if I were looking to buy into this market then I’d probably still be completely confused!I would be looking at where I wanted my photography to go, for or me that was full frame/medium format but this is all so subjective.

Boris Pradel says:

I disagree about Canon placement regarding lenses… I have an M50 and the EF-M adaptador opens up a whole new world of possibilities (cheap and pro) and lenses work natively, flawlessly with it. Plenty of them in the used market too.

Summer2015 says:

I agree with most of criteria but lenses. While Sony has few lenses made by themselves, third party lenses focus well, and counting them, Sony has many lenses available beside poor manual lenses from China. On the other hand, Fujifilm has the largest number of lenses by themselves, but most of them are old and designed for contrast detect AF. Most of them need to be renewed. Then, AF is poorer than what's possible with Sony. So Sony is no. 1 for AF & lenses in my book.
Also, there are no 1s and 4s in these ranks, the gaps between ranks are not so big. Users should pay attention to ergonomics and user interface so that they could find our what camera is convenient to use and efficient to build a system around it.

Adi Prasetya says:

Great review & comparison Chris 🙂
I'm Fuji & Canon user. Do you notice about freezing issue on X-T30?
That bad thing happens a lot on mine mostly when I use it for studio portrait with manual mode (SS 1/125, ISO 160, and Aperture ranges about 4 to 8). It can freezes for more than 5 times during about 3 or 4 hours of photo shoot. It really makes me so bad because i missed a lot of great moments when taking portrait picture due to freezes accidentally. When my X-T30 freezes, the lamp indicator above joystick turn orange and I've to take the battery off then insert it again. So Annoying.
I used to think this freezing issue just happens to my X-T30. But it happens too to many people I'd read/watched their experience from googling. It happened since previous generations like X-T20 or X-T2. And i wonder why Fuji doesnt aware this issue.
So, in my opinion, Fuji X-T30 is unreliable camera for portrait photography untill they release new firmware to fix this annoying & embarrasing issue. Fuji should assures that everything basic is well done or running smoothly without any problem before they improve their product with additional or advanced features.

Strawberry Kiys says:

10:24 ……''affordable'' …. it is $1,000….I can't take this video serious.

Gabriel Gattringer says:

I made my decision in August 2019: Sony A6300 + SEL 16-50 & SEL 55-210. All together 930€.

Mc_Pancake says:

Did I hear ebay notification sound twice in this video?

Timmy Smithers says:

Was this shot with a faster shutter speed? It looks choppy.

Daweisstebescheid says:

i wait for the A7000 😍👌👍

Snowwalker says:

They all cripple their cameras so they all can sell. That’s their code

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

You can't go wrong with any of these cameras… OK, maybe just not the Z50.

Strawberry Kiys says:

Canon EOS M is the only one with good affordable native glass of the 4.

Daniel Wiedner Fotografie says:

Thx for your help! Would love to see a buyers guide video for semi professional just because I like your videos and your entertainment 🙂 have a nice one

Foto4Max says:

seems a bit subjective with disregarding the sony colors and the menus

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