DPReview TV: Google Pixel 3 Review (for photographers)

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The camera on the Google Pixel 3 has a lot of neat tricks up its sleeve thanks to features like HDR+ and night sight, but is it good enough to replace your regular point and shoot camera? Chris decided to find out by using the Pixel 3 XL as his only camera on a big trip. Was it up to the task?

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Andrew Wells says:

Great takes and nice muting of the traditional photo geek sneer at smartphone cameras… I love my Leica but I've got a phone in my pocket (used to be a Pixel but now a Huawei) more often… and to have devices that approach and sometimes surpass traditional dedicated camera capabilities can only be welcomed…

David Schmetzer says:

Or wait some month and get the Pixel4.

DonMikimax says:

Why are you comparing Pixel to iPhone phones when we know that S10 and P3 Pro have far better cameras.

TankQ says:

When you say more natural looking, you mean over contrast street photography look.

The pixel takes very good photos, I wouldn't classify them as natural looking, more stylistic, lots of pop. Night sight and the super res zoom sensor shift tech are very good too. It does feel like a 5 axis camera with an incredible dynamic range.

I would say pixel takes better photos than most compact cameras and most cameras without retouching, their style is very good, I prefer a flatter look though, which looks more real on a big screen with hdr. All the contrast makes the photos look very nice, but also looks like the super contrast A-roll they use to showcase new tvs, flat look, makes it more documentary, and out of the window experience for big tvs, especially with hdr, you can really pick out details on a big tv, without having the excessive contrast trying to highlight the focus of the shot or video. It's like arri alexa and a canon eos r video side by side. On its own the eos r c log looks great, but next to something with more dynamic range it looks lacking something, no extras for the eye to explore.

Villary Hanson says:

as a pixel owner, i agree

MintArcade says:

What best gcam port for mediatek chip?

J Ng says:

November 1, 2018, just saying.

William McCarthy says:

What city was this recorded at? Looks wonderful.

Cockpit Scenes says:

I made this video with the Pixel 3 XL: https://youtu.be/2cZ4G4Qfh20

Matthew Patterson says:

Brilliant video. Great to see the Pixel cameras still being appreciated for what they are. Though, I wouldn't mind a fishing documentary featuring Chris? Hah.

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