DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T30 First Impressions Review

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The new X-T30 may not be Fujifilm’s flagship model, but it arrives with some very impressive features and specifications. Chris and Jordan have been shooting it for a few days and share their first impressions, along with a look at an iconic new building in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Special thanks to the Calgary Central Library

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G P says:

I'm am very happy DPReview hired Chris and Jordan to produce these videos. I have watched every one of them and the professional quality is as good as it gets! Excellent commentary, post production video editing, and everything else. Amazing job guys! Oh and the quick and funny bits at the beginning are excellent.

I'm going to upgrade from an X-T1 to the X-T30. Amazing features and value for the dollars. Definitely a home run for budget minded enthusiasts like me. Thanks again DPReview, Chris and Jordan!

Ben McCartney says:

Great video! Does the X-T30 with external recorder have unlimited record time? You mentioned getting around the 10 minute internal time cap, but didn't mention how much longer the external allows. Cheers!

Arjun Mehta says:

@chrisnichols. Thanks for the great preview! You say that the Fuji has "finally made something competitive" in regards to the sensitivity of the X-T30's touch screen. Could you say if it is more responsive than even the X-T3's touch screen?

BROis says:

Chris and Jordan, I'm assuming it's not there, since it wasn't covered… but is there EIS like in the X-T100? I've had some issues grabbing shots with my X-T3 due to lack of IBIS. Great review, the X-T30 sounds like a winner!

easytorememberuser says:

I really appreciate how you weigh up the pro and cons. I have an x-t20 and x-t3 and still find it interesting! Thanks

Basti Halligalli says:

Which lens has been used to film the episode? What about stabilisation?

qiang li says:

So the xt3 is better than the a7iii?

folmonty says:

The dynamic duo in fine form. Informative, entertaining and classy!

titaniumslug says:

Ha! 6:52 Jordan is wearing womens jeans! They aren't just tapered, they are tight on his THIGHS! And being tucked into those knee high boots doesn't help. Get it sorted out mate!

Philson says:

Can you do a comparison of autofocus systems across manufacturer brands? Please?

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