DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-Pro3 Preview – Carbon Coated Classic or Titanium Trinket?

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Some might argue that Fujifilm’s new X-Pro3 rangefinder-style camera takes a page from the Leica playbook, omitting a full-time rear screen in favor of a more ‘pure’ shooting experience. Is the X-Pro3 a carbon-coated classic or a titanium trinket? Chris and Jordan aim to find out.

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newpixeldude says:

Chris's face in the whole video is like "mmm I don't know about this camera".

Pradip Rai says:

What lens attached with XPro3 mate?

Laura Sponaugle says:

You guys crack me up! Great shots and I'm really digging the way this video looks! <3

Knut Godø says:

F xpro-3? Yawn..

Buru Llwyd says:

I’d definitely buy that camera because no more screen.

M7CVZ says:

This is a failed product. And overpriced.

L S says:

“This guy's got it figured it…Where's everybody?" Brilliant line. X-Pro3's gonna be a tough sale. You know why? Because people hate change. When you fundamentally change the convenience or lack of chimping, you will hate it.

David Menard says:

The video looks the same as it always does. Looks good

Phil Jones65 says:

Dumb design fuji have lost it

Lyle Stavast says:

regarding that intro – YOU LOOKED MAHVELOUS !!! style points galore ! 🙂 Seriously – good real impressions feedback – x-t3 / x-pro3 comparisons. I'm not really video savvy, but the simple feedback from the videographer really cut to the chase and hit the high points. I thought that color grading/look was really exceptional, and just as pure image it sure beats the crap out of some of the yuck-o "creative" color work showing up today. THANKS for keeping images and content real guys. Much appreciated.

Miłosz says:

Pull it out!

Rona Goodwell says:

What happened to the X-70? Fold out, tilt, touchscreen. Should have been a winner. Bring it back. Bump the MP count. Stop trying to overthink everything, Fuji. Leave that to Leica. X-pro 3 goofball LCD screen. WTF?

John Fernandes says:

Stupid idea with the screen. Very unecessary.

Goran Pavletic says:

As they said in Fuji it's different breed. It's not for you Chris, obviesly… I can't wait to buy it.

Fonejacker says:

I find that screen a bit dumb. If you need to access it, it seems really awkward. It's like Fuji are saying we don't want to give you a screen, so we'll give you one but make it as awkward as possible to use. I would rather have no screen at all if they want to go down the Leica route, than have this odd compromise.

ian ball says:

The screen needs to be better. Even removable so it can be placed on the top of the hot shoe. It would be better for some things. But maybe for the 4th outing they may do something better with the screen. But to flip down seems like an odd choise to me. Even side out with tilt would have been better. And its seems usless when using a tripod. A ball and socket head may work better. Maybe if i went for the camera i could make something that would work . Can you add a viewer screen ie a ninga etc. It would help with a tripod . Or other awkward short. Maybe as a 2nd camera it would be ok. I still use a nikon fm2 film camera but it has its uses. More so when theres no way of charging batteries . I have tge same battery in the fm2 from new. Never had to change it and it will work with out it.

T White says:

75% should buy X-t3, 15% X-T30 , 10% Xpro so simple is it. Great Line up something for everybody! For those not satisified….GFX

Lars A G says:

Shooting with the screen in horizontal flat mode is like shooting with a Rollei 6×6 although not mirror reversed.
I find this to be less disturbing for street scenes. When you look down at the screen, people are unsure whether you're reviewing or shooting. A waist level finder.

Romain Sandt says:

considering how I use the XT2, this with the 23mm F1.4 I'd be the happiest man alive. The back square screen is awesome! A genius idea to me who still uses film cameras.

4amwalker says:

7:57 looks like Calgary Tower

Wiz says:

The lcd is not acceptable in this way for me. Otherwise i would buy one. I was huge fan of fuji. Can’t belive this kind of super stupid solution is used for such camera.

Chad Roberts says:

That intro was utter gold. Haha

Liam Bennetts says:

It's not a blogging camera though?? Not every camera has to be a blogging camera?? How many people actually video log?? Ugh

Andrei Amodia Photography says:

It will be cool if the LCD on the back shows the distance scale

Fox Fury says:

What about the dura silver does the gunk stick also

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