DPReview TV: Canon G5 X Mark II vs. G7 X Mark III

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Canon’s newest compact cameras, the G5 X II and G7 X III, have a lot in common, but with some very important differences. This week, Chris and Jordan do a side-by-side comparison to help you choose the one that’s right for you. Want to see sample images from both cameras? Check out our sample galleries linked below!

G5 X II sample gallery: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/6009098889
G7 X III sample gallery: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/6393635016

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The14Th Berserker says:

This was very informative for me. This will be my first camera purchase ever and just wanted a nice camera for photos during me and my lady’s vacations. I will be picking up the canon G7 X Mark III and see what comes of it. Seems more of a stand still vlogging camera but I am hoping it will be good for parades and other fun events.

Silent Bryan says:

I got the Sony rx100vII for Christmas I've been taken photos with it everyday since and idk taken photos in the house with lower light makes my photo not clear n sharp n if I bump up the iso I dont want it noise and even shooting outside to me the Sony photo quality is not good so I'm going to best buy today to mess around with the cannon try it out and see! My camera I had was 6yrs old Sony hx50v 30x zoom pocket camera the sony rx100vII is a huge step up but I want start getting into portraits and being able to have a 1.8 instead of 2.8 for lower lighting so I dont have to drop my shutter or raise my iso while taken photos in a house will help I'd think? But I mainly do wildlife and landscape photography so I'm not really sure If the cannon can keep up but like i said it has to be better than my 6yr old Sony hx50v! I would really like your thoughts if I should return the Sony rx100vII or keep it

Louie London says:

For USB-C charging and I am writing this as a separate comments because it is so so different the post one. But why did you not say what power requirements, such as does it need 3.0a to 2.0a charger! This makes me wonder if you understand electric power adaptors, watts, amps and power output beyond brand names.

Louie London says:

Why are you standing a tree stapled with many many posters. Are you doing free advertisement?

karthick m says:

which one would you recommend canon g5x or ricoh GR III or sony rx100 VII?

Roland Black says:

Can anyone help me?? I just got this camera but whenever I take a selfie or try to take a video its comes out mirrored?? Does anyone know how to cancel this?

ytubeleo says:

I wish they would just add Dual Pixel AF on the G5 X, along with a microphone jack, even if they had to stick an extra hundred quid on the price. And the subsampled 4K will affect low-light performance a lot – even people happy with 3K quality still want good high ISO. I'm not sure how they are subsampling, but if they are only using 3840 of the 5472 horizontal pixels and doing the same vertically then they're only using 50% of the usable pixels of the sensor!

Yan Cao says:

I'm thinking of getting a G5X II as a daily-carrying-everywhere camera that fits in my parka's pocket. Plus, he's the cutest among photography channels I've seen.

Benjamin Jehne says:

I don't see the RX100 VII as king of the compacts, because as a photographer this things lens isn't bright enough. Also the Pop-UP-EVF of the Sonys has a problem. there isn't any rubber around that EVF and so you always touch the flas of the EVF and that smears and smears and smears. It's not that that coulnd't happen with the Canon, what it does a lot, but it's way less.
I had the G5X MKII with me on a job in Norway and Sweden, where I started to leave my Sony A7RIII in the car, after reviewing the images from the first day. If its in bright sunlight or in the night, this Canon really delivers. I was fascinated ybout the RX100 VI of my mother, but the Canon is the better, to hold and to operate camera. Also the app works better, if you want to do bulb stuff etc, IMHO.

I wished sometimes for that longer reach of the Sony, but in the end, the more light of the Canon was more important. And one thing, I find the Canon to be less noisier and more color accurate in higher ISOs, than the Sony. BTW the AF of the Canon sucks. It offen predicts that it's foccused, but it isn't. Thats an software issue and I hope they fix the problem with a firmware update.

810 JAMARI says:

Which camera has better autofocus for vlogging recording video ? Cause next week I want to purchase one of these cameras!

Somebody please tell me! I’m so confused over here

Ash Thuru says:

Kensington Rd looks good

visiopeia jin says:

HI .. i just bought G5X II .. but i can't find the panorama function. (Forgive me .. as i am used to mobile photography) .. can you guide me???

pulseimages says:

Canon’s crippling their products against the competition again.

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