DPReview TV: Canon EOS RP Review

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The EOS RP is Canon’s second full frame mirrorless camera, built around the new RF mount, and comes with an aggressive launch price of $1300. While there are some inevitable compromises to be made at this cost, Chris and Jordan discovered that there’s a lot to like about this pint-sized full-framer.

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24Steevy says:

Another junk from Canon…

Al Sa says:


Tsun Sing Fung says:

No I dont think we can charge it with a power bank.. we have to charge it with the Mac kind of adaptors.. please correct me if I am wonrg in any ways.

Reza Molavi says:

too bad; I had high hopes for this camera.

Marios Karageorgiou says:

Who's watching this trash man… Im falling on him everytime he does a review about a Canon camera. He never tells one good thing about it.. he talks only about the negatives mostly and forgets all the others as always. I wish I could have him in front of me and spank him so hard that he would cry for a very long time..! and that's because THIS man is not objective/impartial/unbiased at all about Canon cameras. I can't understand why ppl watch this shit!! a real shit actually!

HeavySpiral says:

Is there a lack of motion blur? Especially in the 60p section. Is this overcranked?

Fabio Mota says:

Apart from the sensor size the tiny little X-T30 crushes the RP in pretty much everything, photo and video, at only $900.

Wesley Lee says:

OK, what did I learn? Hmm. Take a couple of shots, load up to LR. These guys are simply amazing – they can read specs.

Mark Cooper says:

Thanks for having a review that just didnt shit can the camera, it was a refreshing change with so many just wanting a cam to out-spec the guy with a big dick in the stall next to him. Its not for everyone, but its really not supposed to be. Cheers

MrAndrewFitzy says:

I think this would be the perfect vlogging camera if canon released firmware update to allow 24p but you can use pal 25p

cedric thompson says:

I just purchased this camera a week ago… upgraded from my canon eos t3i… i'm a beginner just looking for dm upgrade… this video made my regret buying it… but i'm not a professional and I have seen some great reviews as well…I have not really tested it out yet… i'll just stop watching these videos and test it for myself🤔

SupraWes says:

There will be around 7 new RF lenses this year, so no, not 2020. There will probably be even more in 2020. Canon's strong suit is in lenses, they will push hard to get a wide range of them to market.

krish arts & photography says:

Nice & Thanks 🙂

Timedog says:

The video quality looks excellent and very professional, pretty cinematic actually, despite people crapping on Canon's video specs, and despite this not having C-log. Was not expecting that AT ALL. Maybe it's mostly due to Canon's awesome lenses???

WACONimages says:

Recently I went to a pro-camera store. I came for different gear but we ended up talking and trying out the EOS R(not the RP). What came out for me as a surprise is that instead of to trying to keep enough highlight details so you can push up the shadows as most normally do, you best metering on the shadows and take DOWN the Highlights! The other way around! Don't know how and what but it worked! You can take down the highlights of the EOS-R by a large amount! At the store they believe Canon should had that in their marketing! So most reviewers are talking about too much shadow noise in their test now. So instead of normal to under exposure a bit the EOS-R seems to do better with slightly overexposure it seems. Worth to try out!

Mohamed Sabir says:

many thanks for all yours videos which is halppfull. I have canon m50 but i'm not happy with iso performance in low light. Here in Sweden canon EOS RP and EOS 6D Mark II systemkamera have same price which one du you rekommending to by

ESVignettes says:

1300 bucks for what my 5 year old A7ii can do… yea, great job canon. Bravo

endingmirage says:

Hell yeah Pump It up

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