DPReview TV: Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / 250D Review

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The SL3 is the latest rendition of Canon’s super-tiny, entry-level Rebel. Added to the formula is 4K/24p video and enhanced eye-detection in Live View, but as Canon giveth… Canon taketh away. Find out Chris and Jordan’s impressions of the SL3’s still and video capabilities, and get ready for an intense case of déjà vu – especially if you’ve seen their review of the SL2.

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Réal Fortin says:

Noob question…does the EOS M50 use the same lenses? I have a very old Rebel and I'd like to go mirrorless but don't want to get a whole new set of lenses

rick beck says:

the m50 battery life sucks

Tedd Yasunari says:

You can switch the menu to a regular canon one in the menu options LOL

Lyubomir Grigorov says:

Is it possible that we might get the 1080p video in 24 fps in a future firmware update? Just bought this camera today, the 4k crop is still usable imo, but it requires more custom positioning of the camera and knowledge of what you want to shoot exactly, which for a movie maker wanna be like me is perfect opportunity to learn that as a skill too 🙂 I dunno… I want to also ask about the silver paint trick for the center sink pin, would it work, or it will damage the camera somehow? 🙂

john antaki says:

how do you have eye detect iffff there are only 9 auto focus points

john antaki says:

you can change the look of the menu in the settings to the normal more pro style menu

Richard van Schalkwyk says:

A short film with the grand kids. https://youtu.be/ut24ZBbSZBg

Raul Petru says:

Hello! What body should I choose between: 
1. Canon 77D
 2. Canon SL3 (250D) 
3. Other model??
I don't want to buy something second hand. I would like to buy brand new. In my country I can buy either of them for under 800$

Michael Lyons says:

7 reasons why the 250D is the perfect choice for me:
1: My wife did not want a tiny camera. She loves how it handles.
2: It's a second camera to compliment an M6. Quality and colors are a close match.
3: Many of the videos we make are interviews and the 250D has eye detection.
4: We live in Indonesia so we don't need 24fps. We use 25fps/PAL which the 250D has.
5: It's simple to use, yet offers enough control to match settings with the M6
6: We already have a Nifty fifty, EF 55-250 zoom, EF 35mm
7: It was only $513 with the f4 kit lens

My wife and I do event photography and videos for our youtube channel and website. We put one camera on a tripod and wander around with the other. Most often, it's difficult to tell which camera did what. I would have preferred the M50, but my wife is the primary user and she loves it. She has taken some great photos and video with it.

Shamus Young says:

Where did you get this camera from …. and how much did it cost 🧐

SHAKU vlogs says:

Nice explaination bro ..👍🏻👌🏻

liju varghese says:

Hello, flash is not popping up automatically in my canon 250d !!
Only manual mode? I tried even in low light conditions, still not popping up automatically and it shows onscreen message like "only raise the flash"
How can I resolve this

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