DPReview TV: Canon EOS M6 Mark II Review

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This week Chris and Jordan review the new Canon EOS M6 Mark II mirrorless camera. Even if you’re not interested in the camera, you should probably watch just to see Jordan sing a Dire Straits cover. Visit our sample gallery to see brand new images from the M6 II: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/2004444276

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Tong Her says:

I think the m6 mark ii it's better then the 90d.
the 90d just same like 80d. I still love my 80d more than the 90d

interesting says:

Canon is at it again, their cripple hammer is consistently set on eliminating 24p from all would be vlogging cams. I feel like buying a canon is like having an employee that does a great job and is easy to deal with but that at the end of each day steals 50 bucks from the register…just because.

Justin Pulitzer says:

How does the M6 Mark II compare to the M50?

Hokgiarto Saliem says:

In DXO lens there is review that they tell how many megapixel of max certain lens capability.

Biswanath Pratap Thakur says:

when the full review of 90D is coming ?

Brian Cerveny says:

I really wish my G5X II had the ability to select the focus point using the touchscreen while I am using the EVF.

stotes57 says:

I still want to see an M5 MK II. Give it the same sensor/processor as on this one, built in EVF and joystick of the MK I, fully articulated screen and weather sealing comparable to the x0D line. Then just have to wait for the lenses to catch up.

Franz Josef Hüttner says:

The best intro so far 😂👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Nizar Noor says:

USB-C PD is actually the correct standard. So don't complain about it. Complain about the non-standard smartphones USB-C instead.

Baba Booey says:

You can also use the EVF-DC1!!! I had a M3 and then a M6. I found the EVF-DC1 more versitile as it flips up and is great for taking videos of kids when you want the camera lower and you can look down into the EVF. Plus the DC1 is about half the cost of the DC2 since it's been out for longer.

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