DPReview TV: Canon EOS 90D Review

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The EOS 90D is Canon’s newest DSLR camera, sporting a new 32.5MP sensor and 4K video without a crop. As Chris and Jordan discovered during their testing, there’s a lot to like. Visit our EOS 90D sample gallery: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/1502366008

Want more info? Check out our initial review of the EOS 90D: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-eos-90d-review

Don’t miss our first look video from Atlanta:

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cartfart says:

Wildlife photographers were shaking at 11:55

bestamerica says:

nice coool camera…
but still big problem with bad blur focus and bad blur depth of field…
not good

Joe Dooney says:

Hope Magic Lantern pops the 90D's cherry

Jon Meissner says:

“Is this the last great SLR?” …..

Are you serious Clark?

SeanThePro says:

wait so is there 24 FPS? if not then it’s probably a no go for me. not a totally big deal but it’s just something i expect to be included if i want to use it.

ClashOfClans says:

What canon camera has an AF joystick? The 90d does now? But the 80d didn’t

Sweetsbabii09718 says:

I love my 90D it’s amazing. I have a T6i and I was looking at the 80D because Canon was taking so long to make the 90D available and as I was about to finally purchase the 80D the 90D pre-order release was announced. I jumped on it and have been lovinggggggg my 90D. Crisp clear pictures and videos. I’m definitely going to purchase a second 90D body for sure. It’s amazing !!!.

The Post Color Blog says:

At the beginning, Chris should have looked at the camera and said "do you like that??? OH YEAH, you know you like that!!" 😂

Rodney Brown says:

I have the 80D and will be going to the 90D as my upgrade my 80D will eventually need a shutter replacement but will be keeping it as my backup

Sang Le says:

Can we plug an EVF on this

elem2618 says:

But… the back control dial is horrid, and although it’s not terribly heavy it is chunky and that’s a pity!

Luke Vincent says:

The most professional and entertaining reviews on camera's, second to none! Great work guys !!

Digital Hillbilly says:

Nice review. Wish the sound was better.

Joshua Taft says:

How is the 90D better than the 80D as a vlogging camera? Other than 4k, feature for feature, they're pretty much the same camera. No 24P (a preference among some YouTubers and aspiring filmmakers), and as you said no AF in 120P, which doesn't make much sense, I feel like the 90D is a better photography camera, but the 80D is still a better value for video and as a hybrid photo/video camera. Like the EOS RP, the 90D feels like it's another failed launch for many video creators.

The noobie Quirk says:

Would you recommend a 18-35mm sigma or the 50-100mm for the Canon 90D?

Edward Tsui says:

I have used EOS 7D (mark I) for many years. It is a solid and reliable camera. I am considering to upgrade it for taking sport photos and star photos. I do know whether I should buy a 90D or M5 (Mark II) or wait for the future 7D Mark III. One reason I don't like mirrorless camera is the LED screen being difficult to view when wearing polarized sunglasses.

nsbhagwat says:

Chris n Jordan, thanks for reviewing the 90D. Can you please compare the 90D and 6D mark2? These two bodies sit on the fence of enthusiast versus professional though Canon labels them both as enthusiast models.
Would be interesting to hear from you the photographic performance of the full frame 6D versus crop sensor of 90D.
Thanks in advance.

Custom Made Name says:

"Being an SLR, I love the feel of it…"
Yeah, he's biased. He's an SLR.

Martian Citizen says:


It's all over but the crying….

Turn out the lights

the party's over…

When all good things

must come to end…

Turn out the lights,

the party's overrrrrrr…..

and tomorrow starts

the same old thing again…

Credit to Willie Nelson….sigh…

cardiacade says:

RIP 7d Mk iii. ):

Dimitris Tsagdis says:

What is its dynamic range in EVs at different ISO; @100, 1600, 3200?

S CO says:

Once you go AF Joystick (Ahem. Nipple) its difficult to go back.

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