DPReview TV: Best and Worst of 2018

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Due to a mixup at the time of production, we erroneously called out a product as the ‘worst lens’ of 2018. The following short video statement from Jordan explains what happened, and also includes some comments about the actual quality of this lens.

For weeks, we’ve been getting hammered with the question “Will Chris and Jordan continue their tradition of doing a Best and Worst year-end episode?”

Oh yes, dear readers, they will. And here it is. Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. And if you must, get ready to throw some rotten tomatoes at the screen if you don’t like their selections, and tell us why you disagree in the comments.

Special thanks to Kazuo Mayeda

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Marc Synwoldt says:

Naming the highly capable Pentax K-1 II FF DSLR the second worst camera of 2018, right after the near-useless Yashica Y35, is a joke, even if the improvements over the original K-1 are but incremental. Ricoh even implicitly acknowledged that by deciding on the Mk. II designation, and offering original K-1 users the send-in upgrade path, an industry first, BTW. In 2018, Ricoh also released the HD DFA* 50mm F1.4, arguably one of the best lenses of its kind that money can buy today. Characteristically, that one received little love from DPReview either. Go figure. I mean, you needn't be some overzealous fanboy to see through that kind of BS, do you? Being a photographer who cares about results is enough, really.

Михаил Пирогов says:

So you can’t draw Time+lapse with logo details like : 9999+time+many frames ?Fantastic dude 😀

Adam Muise says:

Ugh, I went back and started to snoop the bokeh on my 50mm f1.8 S (Z mount) and you are right. Something in the green leafy backgrounds I've taken with this camera never sat right but now I see it. I wish I read the DP Review before hand. Anyway, nice review format folks! Great work.

Leif Nilsen says:

Lol………funny. I watch a lot of your review. Think there great. I just bought the Nikon z6 with the 50 1.8 lens. And the 200-500, 180 2.8, Tamron 15-30.

So far I love the performance of all the lenses. The 50 mm may be my favorite. Love z6 camera. Went to a ski resort today to try out my new gear. Thoroughly enjoyed all the lenses. 200-500mm exceed my expectations. All I have to say is wow. I had to play with the auto focus on the z6 to see which setting works best. Once I got that. It was just an exciting time for me . Very pleased with my gear

90's Boiler Room says:

I would still say that D850 should have been crowned as the best 2018 camera. No camera can touch it even today even though it was released in 2017.

Juan Zarate says:

Sony and Fuji the Best

Nature Films says:

Dslr are death all they’re favorite Cameras are dslm

Nikhil Kumar says:

I remember watching this segment 4 years ago when I was deciding to buy a camera. I settled with Sony a6000. But you guys had a different Channel that time🤔

Dada Kaka says:

What a disgrace! They should apologize!

Johnny Mora says:

I already want the 2019 version of this!

Ron Carroll says:

It's not entertaining watching other people drink. Not funny either. Boring. Next channel please…

Bob Klarquist says:

I love my Pentax K-1. I'm glad I didn't "upgrade" it.

MJCMedia15 says:

And just to put my money where my mouth is, here's some examples of great sports photography, all shot with Pentax cameras. From Pentax Forums. And notice i didn't get personal, LOL!


drichi07 says:

"For weeks, we've been getting hammered with the question "Will Chris and Jordan continue their tradition of doing a Best and Worst year-end episode?"" Sadly, after watching this corporate meeting/company forced Christmas "party" the answer appears to be no.

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