Dope Tech: 8K RED Epic-W Unboxing!

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8K is here! Exclusive RED Epic-W unboxing and showcasing first footage!

Dope Tech – RED Weapon:

In the RED Store:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


The Epic-W is a RED store camera, not retail packaging.


Avalon Studio Bulgaria says:

Hello from 2068! Oh the times when people was proud of 8k was good, but now it’s a big shit. Guys don’t live in the past 108k is here!

Alimão says:

I watch in 4K

Naif Thghost says:

This camera is just so unneeded ..

Brad Nation says:

Ahh that’s hot

Fahkmy Rizky says:


ramesh negi says:

Im watching in 144p…

Ammar Khalaf says:

Anyone here familiar with 144p YT quality ?!


Oh my god the derp face

Liam Dunayevsky says:

No headphone jack?

kasun de mel says:

And here I'm still watching videos in 360p in 2018😂😂😂😂

Toby Smith says:

Why would u spend 60,000 on all of the parts and the camera

FaZe Chicken says:

i really want a red camera but it costs too much and cant afford it 🙁

Colin Cool says:

Why did you buy the epic w if you already had the weapon

Axl Brito says:

1440p 4 me ;(

Raihan Zahir says:

Nigga knows tech.😂😂

N_Scrape says:

Watching it at 360p!

Andre Grigorian says:

Arri Alexa has better quality plus easier to use

connorb155 says:

I think I might buy one to take photos of my dog. xD

Sam says:

I really don’t understand the necessity of red camera. Why they kept 8k resolution when there is no 8k display available in the market

Allan Fernandes says:

I'm here watching in 720p ._.

Raven Quiñones says:

Can you let Cong Tv Borrow that for his Superhero film pls?


Sino pumunta dito dahil kay congtv. Hahaha

Zetta Arnanda says:

Good product. My laptop might error for edit this video, VGA is hooootttt and fire

Spark The Regular says:

Unbox Therapy has a 8k moniter..

Invalide_Account says:

auto 720p

Tech Gamex Studio. says:

Anyone here from 2051?
Back then 2018 we thought 8k is big deal
And now in 2051 200$ mobile have 12k display what a change

Nolin Chitnis says:

The LCD panel at 1:12 has not been cleaned properly. Very untidy.

Greenball Science says:

People compare these to smartphone cameras I am not kidding with you people are that stupid

Craig says:

"This is published in 4K"

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