DOOM on a Digital Camera from 1998!

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Ever wanted to play the original DOOM on your digital camera? I sure have! At least ever since I learned about Digita OS cameras like the Kodak DC260. We’ll also play some MAME arcade games and MP3s, too!

● LGR links:

● Links to the software and source ports:

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Sebastian Nordlund says:

That camera is MESSD up 😉

Maximilian Bourgh says:

Who has been ported more Doom or Skyrim?

alex beatty says:

But can it run Skyrim..


3x optical doom

Kamil S. says:

It needs a joypad and then it is a game console.

Sithbadger TM says:

Zoom Doom 260 xD has a ring to it!

Liviu Japonia says:

weird playing a PC game on a digital camera

Sali Ali says:

Camera and a Portable Game Console which you can connect it to TV, this is what I call an innovation.

Catriona says:

But does it run Crysis?

Gustavo Henrique says:

Casual level:
– See a PC: "but can it run Crysis?"
Hardcore level:
– See literally anything: "I bet I can make it run DOOM"

JacobTheUltimate says:

Hmm has anyone made a port of Doom as a smart tv app? Like not an apple or android TV box thingy but the actual TVs themselves

rashim kallihar says:

I would have never in a Million years imagined I'd ever see Doom being played on a Camera.
Cool video🤟🤟

Eric Morgan says:

I remember installing doom on my iPod nano. Controls were terrible but it was doom on an iPod.

Zack Burkhart says:

It runs it at like 10fps…. OOF

Trump's Tiny Hands says:

Excellent opening gag.

Lone Spirit Of The Night says:

Great now you can play when your on the tollway!

P5ychoFox says:

1:46 ‘Kodak’s kick (demon) ass DC260’

Pinkie Love says:

yes 999.00

Pinkie Love says:

yes 999.00

Omnisprime says:

Click and take until it’s done.

Will Graham says:

I'd guess that weird squeaking is probably electrical noise coming from the ac adapter

Giovanni DeTorres says:

Really liked the shot of the camera focusing!

adam1984pl says:

I played Forgger on C-64,Pac mans on AMstrad,You write nthat games in BASIC.ask 8-bit guy,he can help/

WillBeHere2013 says:

The camera has a USB port…did you try to use a mouse?

adam1984pl says:

This camera is 3-4 times slower than first PC in 1998,but costed the same.

Shoaib Alam says:

I want to play doom on my water bottle

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