Does CAMERA SENSOR SIZE matter? 📷 2018

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In this youtube video adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj explains what the different camera sensor sizes like fullframe APSC and medium format actually mean, how they are different, and if sensor size does matter. If you ever wanted to know why a fullframe camera has “more” Bokeh, check out this photography video.



Camera and Edit: Timothy Edwards
Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn Photography with Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj

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XYZ Corner Official says:

I think sensor size just affect in low light performance / ISO capability. when you wanna get exactly same frame size / width & depth of field, just use equivalent focal lenght & aperture of MFT/APSC sensor to FF.
For example: Use APSC camera & 35mm f1.2 lens to get relatively same result with FF Camera & 50mm f1.8 lens.
For daily use, I prefer smaller sensor size camera (MFT/APSC) & some lenses in my tiny bag, than huge FF camera & lenses which more suitable for studio usage or wild photographer.

jdavis234 says:

Ali G got into zensor photography.

ken alvarez says:

This Zenzor video is video is very informative good job!

noonoo peepee says:

After watching this video my pronunciation of Sensor has permanently changed to Zenzoar!!

Sarath Babu says:

Could you please tell me that medium format camera name?

flflgh says:

Seriously? You are saying that putting more pixels on a sensor degrades the quality of the image? So then you must believe that the Nikon D850 with it's 45 megapixels produces an inferior image to the D750 with it's 24 megapixels. Anyone with a high school level understanding of physics will know that image quality and depth of field are dependant on the camera's electronics and the lens, not the sensor size. Otherwise, nice video and interesting comparison of cameras.

Godfrey Jemand says:

This guy is just another AmaZombie who gets 3% from all of the order links on this site.
Like all, he leaves out the important factor: Pixel Size. HUH? I do not make fun of people only their motives. He should relax and not get so excided. It is only a camera.

Chris G says:

I love Zenzoors

nick nam says:

Ha haa! cool guy, like him. Sub done.

Maxim Shomov says:

Drinking game: take a shot every time the dude says "sensor".

Get smashed by the 4th minute mark.

TheJwwinter says:

IPhone has the best zenzor.

Suravi Tarafdar says:

I like him! 😀

Get Reel Bass Fishing says:


Pa Ct says:

Apsc for my funds

jurpker says:

Is that guy talking about the cameras or the new superman villain Zennzor?

Tim Berghoff says:

Analog medium format shooter here. It’s a bit mad, but I love working with the analog stuff. The main drawback apart from the ludicrous cost per shot is the sheer weight and bulk of the cameras. My Mamiya 6×7 MF camera is almost too heavy to carry around (over 3kilos with a 120 film back, a 180mm lens and without the prism finder) for extended periods of time and you do not want to shoot this beast without a tripod if you can help it. The smaller M645 (which is coincidentally the analog predecessor of your P1XF – Mamiya was bought up by Phase One at some point and they kept using Mamiya‘s camera design) is more portable but also definitely not a „travel camera“. For that I have several APSC cameras, my current favorite being the Alpha 6300, with a bunch of vintage Canon glass.

kyubimode123 says:

Currently using APS-C Sensors cuz its cheaper lol

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