DJI Osmo Action VS. GoPro Hero 7 – THE ULTIMATE COMPARISON!!! **better than our first one**

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The first comparison I did on this channel didn’t go over well. SOOOO we made THIS ONE! This one has everything you want. Stabilization test with HyperSmooth and Rock Steady, Resolution tests, FOV tests, Frame Rates, Color Profiles, battery life, and sound tests! If you guys give me hell for this one…I don’t know what to do! Let me know what you think and what you want to see again next! Thanks for watching!

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Malena's Ginger Life says:

Oh yesss that was my exact thought. Would love to see the Osmo Pocket vs. Osmo action. Because I’m really unsure which one to get 🙈😊

Stuart Hendricks says:

The GoPro really isn't a bad camera, but it says a lot that the Osmo Action looks so much sharper. The GoPro looks muddy in comparison, just look at his face in the sample shots and how much detail the GoPro loses – almost like comparing 720p with 4k.

takkyutube says:

Too much crop!

Matthew Mollet Vlogs says:

The osmo is way too sharp!

RidingwithSam says:

GoPro have better dynamic range

Darrell Muir says:

how did you make the gopro look like shit?

Zoran Stary says:

Another one… Not even a word about the GPS installed in GoPro, which is useful and is a big advantage for real action sport. Of course not for walking/talking individuals.

Eddie Duque says:

You are a blogger, I don’t give a damn about the front screen when I’m on a mountain with my action camera attached to my helmet.. there’s two different costumers for these two action cameras!👍🏼✌️✌️

Sandy Sandy says:

Please check the Dynamic Range of the Osmo Action in the HDR mode, compared to GoPro and other action cameras.

Kaden Cox says:

Absolutely hate the sharpening on the ismo, but that's me. Kinda gross

itsdaryl says:

Selling my go pro black 7 and getting this osmo action ! Smh

JesseEtzler says:

Osmo looks a lot cleaner and sharper

Dexrevolt says:

It’ll kill gimbal industry 🤪🤪

lemon james says:

Looks awesome I just bought the Sony x3000

Techno Panda says:

This looks like a dream vlogging camera!

Daniel Wisniak says:

Great comparison.
I'm hesitating between the 2 cameras, because I need a large battery and the H7B has the option of the Wasabi Power extended battery, while the Action doesn't. In my planned usage I can't swap batteries.

Peter Sterling says:

Great Video Dave!


Dji osmo is best

Joey Castellon says:

What are the BEST settings that each camera can support with their best stabilization?

jims droneing says:

comparing mechanical stabilization to electronic stabilization is apples and oranges pocket vs action

WynPhotos says:


MEME review says:

Ladies and gentlemen

my $350 goes to DJ osmo action

Sergio Dj says:

Osmo pocket vs Osmo Action. Which one to buy?

Bryan Simmons says:

Mistake in first review… stabilization screw up. Mistake in this review… using ND filters, which degrade camera’s true image quality, so the “comparison” isn’t valid. Lots of quick cuts, running around, and annoying background music though – so well done, vlogger bro cool dude beard guy. Ugh

conborzzzz says:

I'll wait for the Osmo Action 2. . .

Christian R says:

Night time please

fishycomics says:

DJI vs Verb no talks there because its an attack on gopro

Raul Castro says:

i own a gopro hero 7 black and i can guarantee that the video is much better than what it shows on your videos, there might be something wrong with your gopro.

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