DJI Osmo Action vs GoPro 7: In-Depth Comparison! (4K)

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DJI Osmo Action: -or- DJI Store:
GoPro 7 Black:

This is a deep dive image quality comparison test between the DJI #OsmoAction vs #GoPro Hero 7 Black.
Both have unique features, pros and cons, and currently on a level playing field, both are at the exact same price right now, $350! The results surprised me a lot, let me know which you think shoots better quality overall, down in the comments!

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Kevin Bergman says:

I get the feeling many of the problems from both of these cameras are from processor restraint. In which case, that'll probably be a main area of improvement. GP2, perhaps.

Данило Хаџи-Пешић says:

About your remarks on not being able to switch screens…I don't really see the reason for it. I'm a skydiver and snowboarder and I really hate to see wrong framing from my stick (snowboarding) as well as my wrist mount (skydiving) so I give big thumbs up to this front screen and see no reason to switch screens, at least not in this cases.


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Piapia Vlog ID says:

I love Dji Osmo Action , cause.. King of Dji Drone came

Beat Sky says:

Can you make comparison between Dji Osmo vs Yi 4k+ ?

#wasserkocher_HD , says:

gopro have so much problems withe recordet Videos!

Journey's Diary says:

Great Review…Made up my mind after seeing this to NOT get the Osmo Action Camera.

Eddi Nice says:


Bilal Ahmed says:

Super review – but its a super crime make a question sound like an answer or vice versa

Kyuu-Raa says:

Best action cam reviewer

Optom An Optikou Toma a Aničky says:

Hi, does gopro hero 7 Black use h.264 codec in 1080p? Thanks for information 😉

Putra Z says:

Go pro 7 👍
Osmo action 👎

J•TV says:

that freeze moment! really unacceptable!

Chris Harper says:

Superb review thank you , looking at both but go pro for me for what I require, thanks again.

Tibor Tóth says:

Mi a francnak pofázol folyamatosan, te balfék. Mocskosul szar a videosnitted bazmeg.

rockyrod says:

nice review dude go pro for the win i think

RichieRichTube says:

Deep dive on Cameras please. but with a focus on software

Corona light says:

Osmo has terrible audio

Fadiyah Sameh says:

clearly you hate osmo and trying hard to make people decide against it…

Amei Yee says:

Most useful. Defo go pro 7 black. Still waiting on the 8 but 7 looks good enough.

Smooth Jazz Traveler says:

Which one should I get!? This is my first time buying any action camera and go pro hero 7 black is available for $295.

Dr Dimento says:

Thanks for this great review. I think I'll stick with my GoPro Hero 7. As a professional videographer the "image" is what it is all about. Do you know of a gimbal for the GoPro which would resolve the slight background movement during the running phase? I once seen a gimbal (can't seem to locate it anymore) for the GoPro (don't think it was a GoPro product) that also had powered pan left/right and tilt up/down that was awesome and wondered if it would resolve all movement wobble? Do you know of these units? Thanks again. Awesome video and very helpful.

MyStepps says:

Good video as usual.
More competition in September with the release of Feiyu tech Ricca action camera are you reviewing it there's not much about it on youtube, hope you do.

fps 198021 says:

Great video! What brand is your tiny tripod?

AboMeshari says:

It only first edition “osmo action” and it rocks most what was GoPro does

James Dory says:

Gopro may thx to God because Osmo Action is terrible shaking screen.

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