DJI Osmo Action Unboxing & Setup

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DJI Osmo Action:
Here is an unboxing and setup video of the new DJI Osmo Action. If you want to watch my full review of the Osmo Action you can do so here: This new action camera from DJI has really shaken up the action camera market and thing are going to get good as both GoPro and DJI Compete to bring new technology and features to the market. In this video, we unbox the Osmo Action and I also do a quick overview on how to set up, activate it and then update the firmware. I go over some of the new exciting key features of the Osmo Action. A good beginners video to learn about the DJI Osmo Action and how to get up and running.

Osmo Action Charging Kit:
Osmo Action Spare Batteries:

PolarPro Shutter ND 5 Pack:
PolarPro Vivid ND 5 Pack:
PolarPro Cinamatographer 10 Pack:

Freewell Bright Day ND Filter Set:
Freewell Standard Day ND Filter Set:
Freewell All Day ND Filter Set:

Nice Case for Osmo Action:

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Richard Rañada says:

Love the review so much!!!

John X says:

Did it come with the sd card?

Anonymous says:

Thank you.a'm from Palestine,🤙

Tony Langton says:

That 2nd screen comes in handy when I'm filming action. Like when it's helmet mounted while riding my motorcycle. Or mounted to my chest while riding the lake on my PWC…

Drone fan CCO says:

Just got my DJI Action Camera yesterday. Love it so far.
Just want to ask how did you unscrew the lens. I tried to take mine off… won't budge at all. Seems like it is stuck on there. Maybe it comes with a sealant. I might have to use channel locks with a rag. Was yours easy to unscrew?

fishycomics says:

Step by step guide to a set up wins thanks for sharing

The Vegan Runner says:

If it’s 100% waterproof without a case how do the cooling vents work?

Also a lot of reviews I’ve seen have mentioned lag on the screens when using rocksteady mode. Have you found this a problem and do you think it’s something they might fix with a firmware update?

Vantage Point Products says:

Great video as always, thank you. I wonder what the built in wifi wireless remote control and live view distance and lag is like via the mimo app. The osmo pocket with wireless module was very good with clear line of sight.

Ramesh R says:

Hi, will one need a water/dust-proof casing to mount this device on a riding helmet? If yes, is it available?

Bikeography With Somraj says:

what about External Mic support…

Noealz Photo says:

always exciting unboxing something new

Fire Island Mavic says:

awesome as always

Tony Langton says:

Does Osmo Action have GPS?

Kevin S says:

Got my one last week first I was happy then 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 in the water the osmo suck also the battery is very bad my homeboys GoPro 7black did a lot better in the water and even the battery was better from the GoPro 😭

Hike2BHuman says:

Purchased my first GP the 7B, wish I would have waited.

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