DIGITAL VS FILM, comparison modeling shoot – WEIRD PROPS

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Cleanen Cleanen says:

Body nic haa

Bill Lewis says:

💜💜❣️💜💜 EMMA

amoxintubeu says:

you don't need a prop.

Reginald Bowls says:

You are stunning 🙂

Suyog Rajwal says:

in the sample photographs, there is so much color and light difference. did you shot it at the same time or with time-lapse.

Jorge Urquiza says:

I love digital over the film, but this is an unfair comparison, and…….Emma make more videos.

choochoochooseyou says:

A natural beauty.

John Doe says:

charming comparison 🙂

jan_cllub yono says:

very nice and beautiful.. 😊

Ricidicidirt says:

Why use flash with the film camera? Makes no sense!

M. M. says:

Very fun video! And looks like you all had fun making it as well. I personally shoot film (not hating on digital), but I do really like what you said about film being more "personal", "intimate", and "inviting", when shooting or being shown photos of them. These are the very main reasons I prefer the medium. I do, however, have a question. For a "comparison", which this video was, it appeared your digital camera was a medium format DSLR., t'where the film was a small format 35mm? Please correct me if I'm wrong. The film stills in this video, although having that great film look and all, didn't seem on the same playing field as the DSLR. Medium format film cameras, using 6×6 or 6×7 negatives will still out perform a $20,000 DSLR in 2017. The digitals in this vid just seemed far superior and was wondering if it had to do with format or leases. If this is true, it'd be interesting to see a comparison vid using, both, digital and film, but both on medium format and comparable lenses.

Ronney Aragundi says:

dam she's cute

فكرة و معلومة says:

I have a question for you,I have sony analog camera and I wanna convert it by usb tv tuner is it a good idea? Can I gain high quality videos?

Boy Aditya says:

i have soft spot on Polaroid …

Hernando Conwi says:

Using a film P&S with flash vs a top of the line digi using only natural light is not a fair comparison. Plus, why spend almost 4 minutes introducing props?

Zaldy Dunggio says:

you want married with me?

Abby Roe says:

Why the freak are you using the flash on the consumer level point and shoot COMPARING THAT to a full frame 6D…?!?!?! I want to punch myself in the face tight now. It's that painful.

Max B says:

I thought this was a real photography channel but it's pretty much…..well, we all know what it's about. The digital vs film comparison was total bollocks. Why would you compare a £2k digital camera with a cheap point and shoot film camera with the flash on?

Bojan Glamocak says:

Useless video.

Thomas Patrick Parker says:

she has a hard time keeping her clothes on it seems

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