Digital Video Tools Spotlight: reddish colored Rock Micro M2 Film theater

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With Guest Filmmaker, movie director, Stefan Glidden

Part We

Larry Michael jordan: Hi. This really will be Larry Jordan. Welcome in order to an additional edition associated with HDFilmtools. possuindo. Today we are going to on offer to turn out to be looking on the Redrock tiny M2 Cinema Zoom lens Adapter.

I’m at this particular juncture along with my pleasant lonely, filmmaker Stefan Glidden, who’s going in order to assign us an summary from the outcome. Stefan, appreciation intended for being along with us. How long include you been using the particular Redrock adaptor?

Stefan Glidden: Seems using this designed for something like per day right now.

Larry Michael jordan: And exactly what do you say? Type associated with shoots execute you utilize it on?

Stefan Glidden: Well, I’m a film director and I create use of this intended for my melody movies. I take advantage associated with this on everything everyplace I’m making use associated with studio lighting everyplace i actually am, you know, obtaining prepared upward.

Larry Michael jordan: And what do a person say? Brought you in order to definitely it? I’ve noticed the allocation of pleasurable stuff something like this. What does this carry out?

Stefan Glidden: nicely, We heard something like this particular for the reason that will I knew in purchase to I wanted my projects to appear the allocation better than these people did. Video looked dull. I was using HVX or maybe the Sonys meant for melody video clips. There was something lacking, and so i in progress looking into and I happening searching up what did the person say? The big stem has been. Why cannot I get what do you state? I covet obtainable associated with just a capture on film camera? And the hinsicht to create aside appearance upward has been depth of avoid. That when I desired the quality of picture in order to We was on offer designed for, we required in order to make use of 35mm lens in front associated with the camera. And the particular end result to I within progress exam a allowance something like and improvement getting really terrible evaluations was the M2.

Consequently, I proverb about video clips on it. And intended for exactly what do you say? this do, and the consequences, within support of the control of utilizing it, I actually went with the M2 and there’s; I would not become whichever other technique. It really makes the particular difference flanked by, a person know, ancestors have the look on it plus say, “Oh, you photo to on the catch on film digital digital camera, ” versus, “Jeez, within order to looks actually, really pleasurable. ”

Lewis Jordan: exactly why can’t a person pick up to degree of prevent obtainable associated with the stationary capture upon movie lens?

Stefan Glidden: properly, there’s a mix of elements involved along with to, but possibly the particular biggest individual is the particular dimension of the expression in the catch upon film camera. Since the particular cost of making the particular potato chips are therefore expensive. A expression can be much, much less substantial compared to size associated with a frame associated along with 35mm film. And that is roughly the same since shooting on an tremendously beyond reach aperture. The particular privileged your own aperture, the more depth related with prevent you consist of. The broader range associated with acceptable focus there might be going to be.

And so correct after you’re shooting upon this kind of small token, that it is such as you’re capturing on such as an f/64. Everything’s gonna maintain focus. Therefore what did a individual say? The Redrock will is by leasing the person make use associated with 35mm lenses before your own camera, you’re merging the particular central chunk from the particular camera’s lens with the particular main chunk of the particular 35mm zoom lens, plus the longer the concentrate amount, the shorter the particular level of prevent.

Lewis michael jordan: OK, coming from got an HVX200 ready up with the Redrock adaptor. Walk us along with the pieces. Discriminate all of us exactly what did a person say? every thing is.

Stefan Glidden: nicely, from front side to back, this with this juncture is only the cannon 35mm FD zoom lens. This is exactly exactly what did you say? these people used to make make use of of on cannon nevertheless cameras.

Larry michael michael jordan: Sure.

Stefan Glidden: in addition you’ve got; this reputable with this juncture, this small band, that’s the attach. And they proceed towards in numerous mounts. A person are able to choose up a Canon. A person are able to choose up Nikon. They include the Canon EOS intended for the newer lenses. Completely up to PL brackets.

lewis Jordan: Arriflex PL brackets.

Stefan Glidden: Yes. You are able in order to execute Arriflex. I believe Zeiss moving parts upon to. Panavison has the own decency attach. Yet, yeah, you can perform trained lenses on this particular hinsicht and to can make a titanic distinction.

Lewis Jordan: Wow. excellent.

Stefan Glidden: And eventually this particular is the tangible adaptor. fashionable at this point is the Cinescreen, which usually the image is concentrating on. It houses the particular particular battery as properly, for the reason that will the particular screen rotates. Otherwise you’d probably think this over the wheat upon it. So there’s the battery pack to keeps this on the constant bustle. And eventually this component of the pack reliable at this juncture, this particular doesn’t shift toward along with the regular package. This particular is the MicroX, the particular switch adaptor.

The method the optics work can be after the light can be available in, it flips the image. Therefore when you don’t comprise this particular area of the pack, your picture can be upside down. Therefore you’d possibly need in order to comprise a digital digital camera to can flip or even a keep an eye upon to can switch or even about way to a person are able to believe it over the image.

Larry Jordan: Do this within post-production.

Stefan Glidden: nicely, in place, yes; but right after if you’re shooting…

Larry michael michael jordan: You don’t covet in order to be searching on this upside down.

Stefan Glidden: Yeah. You need in order to think this over this the respectable method. Therefore, Redrock came accessible along with this humbling tool. This is the MicroX turn adaptor. And also in order to takes to step available of post-production and this requires to step accessible of the dash.

Lewis Jordan: Cool.

Stefan Glidden: Then all of us comprise the particular HD achromat, which will be an extra sort associated with such as magnifying zoom lens to continues the digital camera. And consequently about associated with the brutal attach. Plus subsequently the remains will be the HVX. And along with the book Redrock bundle it comes using the dish and the mount in addition subsequently the rails within order to mount the particular Redrock upon.

Larry Michael jordan: OK. Therefore, tell me personally about of the products to I might require to be aware associated with right after shooting along with the Redrock adaptor.

Stefan Glidden: Well, the specific come to individual hinsicht may be the back focus. A person need to be selected for dependable to your own back again focus will be prepared precisely. And in order to whoever’s operating the specific camera, whoever’s around the particular digital camera, doesn’t bundle it. Since the smallest little shove lumps this rotten and if if you’re gonna comprise blurry video footage. So, you’ve got in order to be chosen for reliable to you understand everyplace your back focus can be and you’re not screwing by it.

Larry Jordan: Correct, but rather if your own back focus is ruined, it will be shown if you consist of a good outer keep an eyesight on, appropriate?

Stefan Glidden: Yeah. You are capable to think it more than. Which is individual associated with the large elements can be you need to create use of a great outer keep an eyes on in order in order to pick-up paying attention yet besides to become chosen for dependable in purchase to you’re getting exactly what do you say? A person covet. Because you may think this over this in the little electronic camera keep an eyes on, but it actually pays to get some thing better.

Larry michael michael jordan: And you comprise the particular Marshall?

Stefan Glidden: I actually consist of a Marshall 7-inch high-definition keep an eyes on.

Larry Jordan: Can be effective?

Stefan Glidden: Awesome.

lewis Jordan: Great. Inexpensive?

Stefan Glidden: Well, somewhat.

lewis Jordan: What some thing like vignetting?

Stefan Glidden: Well, that is an additional stem after you have got to be selected just for dependable for your move is prepared precisely therefore to you’re not obtaining whatever of the dark areas from the display or even whichever part of the particular Cinescreen.

And individual actually efficient fixation is upon the HVX, it offers records. You know, they have a come to significance intended for your zoom plus a go to importance designed for your concentrate. Plus it helps, like, intended for the MicroX my info were 1776, so this has been trouble-free to intended for ever and also a day keep in mind. And reputable right right now I think it’s 8585. And so I just remember people records plus I look onto this and I become, “Yeah. i am respectable. We know respectable everyplace We am. ”

Larry jordan jordan: Great. OK, therefore I realize you apart from comprise to view accessible meant for a small crumb of light reduction with the adaptor.

Stefan Glidden: Um-hmm. You understand, you’ve got all this particular equipment flanked by your own image as well since your camera, so a person execute eliminate about lighting. When you’re capturing within you really need in order to comprise, otherwise you’re within control sunlight, you have got to comprise about light.

lewis Jordan: That’s quite typical meant for producing a film in any case.

Stefan Glidden: Yeah. After all, in the event that you’re using a much better digital camera, there’s apart from, if you’re capturing movie you’re on offer within order to need a lot more light, therefore really this makes your creation significance become up. yet in order to besides income a individual execute need a crumb a lot more creation and you’ve got in order to consist of light; you’ve obtained to execute this the little crumb more true.

Larry Jordan: Right. alright. We’re on offer in order to take a rest plus we’re on offer to relocate toward back with element II everyplace Stefan’s offered to program us methods to assemble, calibrate, and provide us an pattern linked with what did a person state? The Redrock may carry out.



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