Digital Night Vision: SiOnyx Aurora Review

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We’re talking a break in our general exploration of digital night vision to talk about a specific product that is available today. The SiOnyx Aurora is a 720p camera with good visible and IR light sensitivity, a bunch of extra features not found on regular night vision devices, and pretty low price. Spoilers: We love this device for every application EXCEPT actual combat.

01:31 The SiOnyx Aurora
05:38 Use as a Camera
08:43 As a Night Vision Monocular
12:32 Helmet Mounting
16:22 Weapon Tests
20:38 Conclusion

This video also contains the SLOWEST shooting you will ever see on this channel.


ZeroG84 says:

Fisheye lens add on. Does it have threads in the front for that?

kui Q says:

I almost think i'm watching a BH camera review. but good one.

Cory Hobbs says:

You're knowledge is incredible

Wayne Steakley says:

I'll remember that! reminds me of a Andy of mayberry Episode! Are was that Tuscarora.. .

Gopher State says:

How would this device be for Recon and recording for surveillance
operations by a perimeter guard?

JGMS Bullseye69 says:

not good but better hehe 7 shots 58sec/10sec …..ya id say better

HakPi 406 says:

Dear God use black and white mode. Screw color mode.

Jonny15227 says:

For non tactical applications the addition of an IR light would improve this camera significantly.

Think Big says:

Wow, you're a very impressive reviewer. Congrats and thanks. Think I will wait for a next gen Aurora with at least 1080p, whenever that is.

Chris Leach says:

Thank you for your review. I much prefer these "long, boring" videos. Lucas comes off as pompous and trying way too hard. The animations and information are fantastic. Keep it up!

UARAF16 says:

Isaac's videos are top notch.

victorpapaavp says:

Since you can charge it through the Micro USB, could you in theory attach a power bank to it and run it while charging for potentially longer than the typical 2 hour battery life? anyone have an experience with this? Or is the power draw too fast for the charging speed?

halburd1 says:

bomb defuse guy with night vision. i need to cut the red wire! which one is it. damn if only i had night vision that worked in color!

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