Digital Camera Review – the Fuji 550EXR compact camera

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I love the new Fuji f550EXR compact camera. Not only does it make a perfect travel camera, but it offers 16 megapixel images, and, it will shoot in RAW as well. It also has some of the most impressive pre sets I have seen on most point and shoot cameras. In this video I talk about two of my favorites, first is the Panorama feature, which allows you to pan or sweep your camera up to 360 degrees, and the camera then somehow stitches the images into one single panoramic shot. There are options inside the selector that allows you to shoot in various formats. A second preset I like is called Pro Focus. In this mode, with one click, the camera takes up to three separate shots, keeping your main subject in focus, and blurring out the background, similar to what you see in professional portraiture or wedding photography. Again, you can achieve this look manually, but you may not have to because the camera does such a good job.
I have a full, in depth written review at the link here if you are interested.
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Ihab AbdelAziz says:

I wonder who still uses this wonderful compact camera today 26th May 2019!! 
I am thinking to replace it for a go pro HERO7 mainly for underwater photography. Any thoughts??

Keith Miller says:

top class camera WHATS THE PRICE IN POUNDS

David Davis says:

Don't you hate it when folks do a review but never respond to their comments? why bother doing one in the 1st place

david foster says:

i really like you review! iIm happy i bought this camera now

Ashraf Ezzat says:

Thank you for the valuable review.

Von Savoy says:

The most decent review of this camera out there that does not concetrate on the hdvideo mode but on shooting and futures of picture taking ,I think people forget that they are buying a camera and not a video camera and then complain that the video mode is not that good ,i am photographer my self and shoot with Nikond300s and just recently got the d800 which is rather amazing . I personally rather it did not have the video but there,thank you for the informative review . Well you sold it 2me.

Caprican28 says:

how is the zoom?

Gian-Carlo Torres says:

Question? How is the image quality??

Freshtildeath6 says:

only 12 mp? i'm buying a camera tomorrow.. my casio exilm 12.1 mp fell and broke some thing so i tried opening it carefully but once i got in the lens i don't know what went wrong.. so it's all broke.

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