Digital Camera Mastery Review – Great Photography Course for Beginners

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Are you looking for the best photography course for beginners? Here’s my review of the Digital Camera Mastery by Mark Hemmings, who provides great lessons online on how to use a digital camera. Check the current discount here:


Is Digital Camera Mastery course worth it?
My text-based review:


To keep your options open, here are some alternatives:

Digital Photography School:
Shultz Photo School: (FREE course for parents)
iPhone Photo Academy:


iPhone Photo Academy course review:
My YouTube gear:



Here’s my quick opinion:

– If you’re just getting started,
– haven’t fully mastered your camera’s settings,
– need to understand the basic principles of photography or composition,
– and want to learn from one of the best instructors,

… then I encourage you to join the DCM course.

Best of all?

There’s no waitlist, you can work at your own pace, there’s life-time access and it’s totally affordable. (In my honest opinion, you get a lot of value for your buck.)

See if this course is a good fit for you:


If you have any thoughts, questions, suggestions, let me know in the comments below! I LOVE to hear from you!

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Digital World Beauty - Photography Tips says:

If you're looking for one of the best photography classes for beginners, definitely check out Mark Hemming's Digital Camera Mastery online course 👉
Also let me know in the comments below what you'd like me to make a video about next time!

Aus Like says:

Very interesting talk! it was really helpful! I Just Sublike ! 👍🛎👌🏻👏Hope to keep connected

Mark Hemmings Photography School says:

I just subscribed! Keep it up Zarina, your channel looks great! Thank you for your excellent review 🙂

Supoz says:

Hi, I seen you in a recent video and was wondering if you were interested in hiring a video editor? I'd love to not only help edit your videos but help your channel grow as well. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you.

Grace aka Littlemama - Affiliate Marketer says:

This course looks pretty intense, thanks for the review! Very detailed and lots to learn. Great job on this video! 😍😍

Heloise Scheepers says:

Great video, I believe it will help newbies with info about the course.

steve morrow says:

Such a timely video for me. My daughter is just getting started with photography, so this extremely helpful! Can't wait for more videos, thank you so much.

Mark Thompson says:

Hey Zarina, the course looks great, I'm just a beginner really having my Canon T6 for about a year now. I keep missing shots because I don't get the settings correct before I shoot. I'm sure this photography course will help me decide the correct settings for different shots. I'm signing up now. 👍

Dylan Rieger says:

Very interesting! I'll checkout out the course for sure!

Akanksha’s Style says:


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