Digital camera buying guide: What to look for while shopping

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CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide:
Sharon Profis takes a look at the various types of digital cameras on the market, from point-and-shoots to DSLRs, and offers her recommendations.


Then Tun Lat says:

l like this .

Tech Flash says:

I did a mini guide for youtube camera buying too.

MR.SHADOW513 says:

Bestbuy?? More like Amazon showroom.

No Names says:

Many respectable professional photographers are considering newest full-size sensor and replaceable lenses cameras you called: "enthusiast compacts", like Sony A6000, or even the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 to be "DSLR killers".

B Shaw says:

I bet profis gets her show written for her, she skips alot of what is really out there. Let the cam experts do a show on cams, and not the model from cnet.

k6usy says:

Zero mention of Olympus MFT mirrorless cameras. Booooo!

Seb says:

I like this woman.

mountainhobo says:

RX100 II? The III version has been selling for quite a while, and it has a viewfinder built in.

Ovidiu G says:

#MJ makeup

izziereal2010 says:

Nice setup for categorizing each level of the cameras. What was not mentioned even though we saw the Sony A6000 are mirrorless cameras.

Royden Cardozo says:

@seif hassan  check this out

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