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We test the NavMan Mivue 580, Kapture KPT-920 and the Uniden iGo Cam 755.

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SueFlay says:

I had a kapture, only lasted about 2 years. Theres not good reviews for any of the kaptures.

Jess Jeffery says:

Any opinions on the Navman Mivue800? (If you’ve had the chance to play around with one)

Michael Hughes says:

I'm staying away from all uniden dashcams as all 3 dashcams I bought at the same time have stopped recording. You can keep all your safety features, I just want a dashcam that records video reliably. You only get ONE chance to record an accident that could save you plenty of heartache and money.

Chesy says:

Could someone please tell me, how do I shrink the video files from a 580 ? As it stands, 1 minute of video is about 100Mb of MOV file which is too big to email, takes ages to upload to YT, and when it finally gets these its so big it has to buffer to download. No other YT video does that these days. Just need to know how to convert it to something else to make the files smaller. Thanks.

mrdilligaf1968 says:

Got a Mi Vue 580 and a good camera. Only let down is the shitty little suction cup mount that causes it to constantly fall off the windscreen, seems to be a common fault and Navman won't do jack shit about it. Good camera but the most shit mount I've seen as the cup is too small

jamie jay says:

Great video! Definitely looking in the market for a dashcam at the moment.

Kyle Oh says:

No mention of the 2 Channel dash cam, is it worth getting 2 channel dash cam?

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