Crazy Comparison: Google Pixel 2 XL (Smartphone) vs. Olympus Pen-F (Micro Four Thirds Camera)

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Olympus PEN-F: 85% (B)
Google Pixel 2 XL: 80% (B-)

Olympus PEN-F
Size/Portability: 75
Manual Modes: 100
Lens Options: 100
Bokeh: 90
Low-Light/Noise Performance: 90
AutoFocus: 90
Image Rendering (Color, White Balance, Dynamic Range): 90
Raw Editing Latitude: 85
Video Quality: 85
Stabilization: 90
Slow-Motion: 75
Shooting Experience: 95
Selfies: 80
Accessories (i.e. Off-Camera Flash): 90

Google Pixel 2 (2 XL)
Size/Portability: 95
Manual Modes: 70
Lens Options: 60
Bokeh: 70
Low-Light/Noise Performance: 70
AutoFocus: 100
Image Rendering (Color, White Balance, Dynamic Range): 95
Raw Editing Latitude: 70
Video Quality: 85
Stabilization: 100
Slow-Motion: 85
Shooting Experience: 85
Selfies: 100
Accessories (i.e. Off-Camera Flash): 80

WEIGHTING – Relative importance to me
Size/Portability: 39
Manual Modes: 27
Lens Options: 31
Bokeh: 49
Low-Light/Noise Performance: 48
AutoFocus: 47
Image Rendering (Color, White Balance, Dynamic Range): 52
Raw Editing Latitude: 31
Video Quality: 49
Stabilization: 42
Slow-Motion: 26
Shooting Experience: 34
Selfies: 38
Accessories (i.e. Off-Camera Flash): 29

Gear I used for this video:
Google Pixel 2 XL:
Zhiyun Smooth Q Smartphone Stabilizer:
Tascam Audio Recorder:
Panasonic GH4:
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 for Nikon F-Mount:
Metabones Speedbooster for Micro-Four-Thirds:

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Arindam Roy says:

All said and done, there is no reason to buy a MFT now. Use your phone most of the time. If you dont have a camera, buy any DSLR and 35 or 50mm lens. And be done with it. No point in putting money in a MFT which costs more or equal to APSC dslrs.
Thanks for the video.

Joseph Reagle says:

I wonder how Pixel 3's night sight, super res zoom, and raw hdr+ would affect this analysis.

Durgesh Pawar says:

One of the best comparison i have ever seen between dslr & camera phone.😍
I can see your efforts.👍
Thanks for the video.

Jowo Ningrat says:

How could u made a best video comparison eventhough u only have little subs. I cann feel now how hard competition in USA

Manoj Sharma says:

You look like a yakuza. 😀

Alexa kitty Setiawan says: got a lot of expensive toys man..good job..! I am jealous:)

Ryan Collins says:

What's you headphones in the back.

forgewire says:

Stupid vid👎🏻

Matt Brum says:

I guess you should sell all your cameras and keep your pixel 2.

Seye oderinde says:

Unbiased comparism. Straight to the point. Weldone. We need more of this

Creative School says:

put raw files picture of Pixel 2 in your YouTube link (Google drive)

Ma'ruf Zohidov says:

hahahaha…."pixel2 produced one of the most pleasing videos in any camera". Are you joking dude? when you use pen-f, try something like 75mm 1.8 or 12-40mm 2.8 pro and you will see what any or all of your smartphones combined cannot reach the half of MFT system.

kintaro oe says:

What a ridiculous comparison

Makta972 says:

Nope, I'd take a m4/3 camera anyday of the week.

selfhelp69 says:

Excellent just what I was looking for. I use micro four thirds and apsc with adapted lenses. The tiny sensors in phones just can't equal their raw light gathering power but software and interpolation is definitely making some moves.

Always VIRAL says:

You should get the olympus m1 mk ii

Tom Wom says:

what is that clip on lens you used with the pixel?

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